Unleashing extreme fast charging for EVs with StoreDot’s I-BEAM XFCTM

  • StoreDot unveils I-BEAM XFCTM, a breakthrough in extreme fast charging for EVs.
  • 100in5 cell enables 100 miles in 5 minutes, prioritising rapid EV charging.
  • Patented Structural Cooling integrates cooling, shaping the future of emobility.

From 100in5 Cells to Structural Cooling – StoreDot’s innovations are breaking new ground in extreme fast charging

StoreDot, a trailblazer in extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology, has unveiled a revolutionary concept to reshape the charging landscape. Dubbed I-BEAM XFCTM, this cell-to-pack (CTP) design has the potential to redefine the speed and efficiency of EV charging systems.

At the heart of I-BEAM XFCTM lies StoreDot’s proprietary 100in5 cell technology. This feat promises to charge 100 miles, or 160km of range, in a mere 5 minutes. Beyond the conventional pursuit of improving range and energy density, this concept takes a decisive leap into the realm of extreme fast charging, circumventing the intricate and costly challenges associated with embedding XFC at the vehicle level.

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The distinguishing feature of I-BEAM XFCTM is its patented Structural Cooling concept, a departure from traditional cooling methods. This innovative technology is seamlessly integrated into the structure of each cell, providing an advanced thermal management system. The upshot is the prevention of localised hot spots and the maintenance of uniform temperatures throughout the entire battery pack. That allows for the acceptance of ultra-high currents needed for swift charging, all with minimal system overhead.

With multiple patents already secured, I-BEAM XFCTM stands out as the sole design incorporating cooling directly into the cells. StoreDot envisions this concept as a pivotal element in unlocking the widespread potential of XFC technology.

Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot, stated:

“As the pioneer of XFC battery technology, we are committed to enable extreme fast charge capability, from cell-level, to pack, to vehicle. We continue to drive innovations that will accelerate the EV revolution. With I-BEAM XFCTM, we have reimagined the architecture of the battery pack to truly unlock the potential of XFC in real-world vehicles. By taking a holistic approach, we have developed a concept that improves packing efficiency and battery life cycle, while enabling EV owners to charge as fast as filling up with petrol.” 

StoreDot’s trajectory involves rapid strides toward commercialisation, with an eventful 2024 on the horizon. This follows a year of consistent charging innovations from the company. Anticipated milestones include showcasing the world’s first EV equipped with XFC technology, dispatching prismatic B-samples to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and an expansion of operations in the United States. As the EV revolution continues to gather momentum, groundbreaking innovations such as I-BEAM XFCTM could be instrumental in shaping the future of emobility.

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