UK’s Hypervolt launches its EV home chargers in Ireland

  • UK EV charging company Hypervolt has partnered with Ireland distributor, a popular retailer of renewable energy systems including EV chargers.
  • The move will allow customers in Ireland to purchase Hypervolt chargers directly rather than through UK distributors, aiding the ease of owning an electric vehicle in Ireland.
  • The chargers will join Midsummer’s roster of chargers from brands such as Ohme, Easee, and myenergi.

New EV home charger options for Ireland

Ireland will mark the second country in which Hypervolt home chargers are sold, after originally launching its products in its home UK market back in 2021. The news coincides with the company nearing the deployment of 100,000 individual charging devices. Its chargers are already available for purchase, and are closely matched to the equivalent UK prices, with its Home 3 Pro charger coming in at €660, €700, and €740, depending on charging cable length. Building on the relationship with its new distributor, Hypervolt will also attend Midsummer’s Solar and EV Show in May, alongside brands such as BYD.

Hypervolt’s Head of Partnership, David Woodford, commented:

“Ireland always felt like a natural next step for Hypervolt given our position and footprint in the UK, so we are extremely excited to be launching with such a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of renewable experts to aid in our overarching mission of hastening net-zero across multiple geographies. As a country Ireland is relatively small, and has an extremely high GDP per capita, so it’s ripe for EV, and our job is to accelerate that transition.”

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Hypervolt’s announcement comes shortly after its new partnership with UK retailer Wickes, who now offer a fully integrated purchase and installation process of Hypervolt home chargers.

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