UK Automotive Industry Urges Political Parties to Adopt Five Pledges for a Green and Competitive Future

  • UK automotive industry urges political parties to adopt five pledges to propel emobility.
  • Pledges include a Green Automotive Transformation Strategy, net zero mobility for all and green skills development.

Committing to the five pledges could unlock up to £106 billion by 2030

The UK automotive industry is urging political parties to embrace five pledges for a greener and more competitive future. These commitments will drive industrial transformation, promote accessible emobility and foster upskilling. As a result, the commitment will encourage global trade, and ensure access to clean and affordable energy. 

The potential prize is enormous. The UK’s EV production should increase tenfold by the end of the next parliamentary term, amounting to approximately £106 billion.

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Then five pledges come together to form the “Manifesto 2030: Automotive Growth for a Zero Emission Future“. The pledges are as follows:
  1. A Green Automotive Transformation Strategy for a stronger economy
    Publish a Green Automotive Transformation Strategy that supercharges UK Automotive to achieve net zero. A strategy which enables innovation, attracts investment and secures manufacturing of clean technologies in the UK to deliver economic growth and zero emission mobility.
  2. Net zero mobility for everyone
    Foster a reliable and affordable UK-wide recharging and refuelling network through binding targets complemented by a motor tax and regulatory system that ensures no one is left behind in the transition to net zero.
  3. Green skills for a greener future
    Offer the skills workers want, by creating a one-stop-shop national upskilling platform, and develop the future talent that business needs, combined with greater STEM education in schools and a dynamic immigration system that attracts global talent.
  4. Made in Britain – Made for the world
    Position automotive and advanced manufacturing supply chains at the core of UK trade policy and market access. Secure access to global markets for tariff-free export of British-made vehicles, batteries and green technologies, and deliver export support services that allow businesses of all sizes to succeed.
  5. Powering the UK clean tech revolution
    Ensure net zero-critical industries such as automotive are able to access affordable and internationally cost-competitive zero emission energy to power the clean tech revolution. Dedicated energy and investment measures should be available to make zero emission vehicle production and ownership a reality.
The pledges seek to achieve growth in green automotive manufacturing and provide consumers with a thriving and accessible EV market. 

However, realizing such growth requires maintaining competitiveness. The industry must attract the next generation of electric models and scale up the emerging EV supply chain. Competition is fierce globally, with other countries offering significant cash incentives and subsidies to attract green manufacturing investments.

The UK-EU trade deal poses a threat in the form of potential tariffs due to stricter local content rules. Failure to address this issue could render British-built EVs uncompetitive in the largest export market. This would raise EV prices for domestic consumers precisely when the UK and the EU aim to accelerate EV adoption.

High input prices remain the biggest obstacle to competitiveness, according to a recent survey by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). Energy costs are the manufacturers’ top priority for action. Inflationary pressures further compound the situation. Over 80% of companies report rising input costs, which limit profitability and deter investments.

The UK automotive sector emphasizes the need for improved trade support, regulatory certainty, and a robust EV market. Lower energy costs, mandated charging infrastructure targets, and financial incentives for EV buyers are essential for a healthy EV market.

“The government has set the industry tough targets and we are committed to meeting them. But we are in the middle of the most fiercely competitive investment landscape of a generation and need a UK response, urgently, using every policy, every fiscal and regulatory lever, to make Britain the most attractive place to invest. The automotive industry rises to every challenge, so we set out today a challenge to all political parties: back us with the right conditions and we will turn our obligations into opportunities for our industry, for jobs, for the environment and for the UK.”

Mike Hawes, Chief Executive, SMMT

By adopting the five pledges laid out in the “Manifesto 2030: Automotive Growth for a Zero Emission Future“, the UK can drive growth in green automotive manufacturing, offer consumers diverse EV options, and establish itself as a global leader in the net zero revolution.

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