Tusker and Diode drive easier electrification for businesses

Tusker, the UK’s carbon-neutral car benefits scheme provider, and Diode, a tech start-up that builds tools to make electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure easy to implement, have strengthened their partnership via a newly developed platform. This will provide even greater levels of support to businesses looking to help their employees switch to electric vehicles. 

The partnership will provide businesses with data-driven workplace charging recommendations, let employees assess electric vehicle suitability and help to make the charge point procurement process easier. 

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The two companies have been working together for the last three years and this new partnership will now offer access to a bespoke digital platform generating electrification guidance reports for businesses. 

As a first step towards business electrification, a thorough analysis of each employee and vehicle allows managers to build an overall picture of the suitability of individual employees for electric vehicles, and their workplace charging needs. 

Diode’s platform gathers data on all vehicles and employees, including private car drivers, and processes this information to give each business a dynamic Charging Infrastructure Recommendation. This calculates the number and type of charge points the company needs over the next five years and the estimated cash savings over this period. 

This level of detailed reporting is key for building successful electrification strategies within businesses. Even better, is that it generates an individual electric vehicle readiness report for every employee within a company. 

This includes an interactive tool to assess how different electric cars would fit into their lifestyle. This is based on their specific driving behaviour and they can purchase a home charge point, all from one dashboard. 

Jon Horsfield, Diode CEO and founder, said: “Our new data-driven reporting platform, which will be used in partnership with Tusker, will give employees the confidence to make the switch and businesses the tool to get the right amount of workplace charging installed.” 

“We are pleased to be working more closely with Tusker, as simply, no one else is doing what they are doing in the car scheme space. As a fully carbon-neutral company, they are truly sustainable and as the longest-running EV-focussed salary sacrifice provider in the UK, we look forward to working together to help as many businesses transition to green motoring as possible.” 

Paul Gilshan, Tusker CEO, said: “We are confident that this added service will help to make the process of electrification less daunting for companies new to the concept. 

“In our experience, many companies do not have a dedicated in-house specialist, so the task of developing an electric vehicle strategy often falls to finance or HR to implement. With this platform, the whole concept is simplified and is data-driven.”

As part of the rollout, Tusker has communicated the benefits of the new service to the 900-plus businesses that it serves via a dedicated email campaign. It has also added links to the portal to its re-launched website.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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