TurboVolt and Supernova Group to install high-powered EV chargers across Croatia and Slovenia

  • TurboVolt and Supernova Group partner to install 16 high-powered EV chargers in Croatia and Slovenia starting in late 2024.
  • Charging hubs offer 300 kW chargers, convenient payment options, and are powered by renewable energy.
  • Collaboration supports eco-friendly practices and simplifies EV charging in the Central and Eastern European region.

This collaboration will see the installation of up to 16 high-powered EV chargers in Zadar, Zagreb, and Ljubljana during the latter half of 2024.

Each charging hub will boast 300 kW chargers, ensuring rapid charging for EV drivers. What sets these hubs apart is their focus on convenience. They offer a variety of payment options, including contactless bank card payment, Apple/Google Pay, roaming card payments, and an intuitive smartphone app. 

This strategic partnership underscores a shared commitment to environmental sustainability. TurboVolt’s chargers will be exclusively powered by renewable energy sources. This aligns with both companies’ dedication to promoting eco-friendly practices in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region.

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Supernova Group, an Austrian-based real estate entity, is already a leading investor in renewable energy. Their Green Energy Project, aimed at achieving complete carbon neutrality by 2028, aligns perfectly with TurboVolt’s mission. The Supernova Group’s portfolio, valued at 2.2 billion EUR, reflects their intelligent development strategies and emphasis on responsible environmental management.

Anthony Hinde, CEO, TurboVolt GmbH, said:

“Partnering with Supernova Group shows our joint commitment to be at the forefront of the environmental need to transition to EVs. By installing a large number of chargers capable of high-speed charging we guarantee maximum availability for every customer. By placing our hubs at key shopping locations across the region, TurboVolt provides the best possible service to both nearby residents, as well as drivers passing through looking for refreshment whilst receiving a high-powered Charge.”

Strategically placing high-powered EV chargers in prominent retail locations promises to revolutionize the EV charging landscape in Croatia and Slovenia. Together, they will offer a seamless and eco-conscious solution for both local residents and frequent travellers in the area. 

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