Tritium unveils groundbreaking line of electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers

Tritium Holdings, a leading global developer and manufacturer of direct current (DC) fast charging technology for electric vehicles (EVs), has unveiled the company’s new architecture and line of fast chargers.

The new PKM line is designed to break the linear relationship between the power conversion equipment, which manages the electrical grid feed to the site and charger power output, which manages electricity delivery to an electric vehicle.

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This development grants charge point operators the freedom to share one central source of converted DC power around the site. Since the infrastructure is shared, less equipment is needed. This enables operators to deploy more charging stations and increase the number of fast chargers available for electric car drivers.

The PKM system is focused on providing customers with the flexibility to size charging sites for today’s demand and also easily scale infrastructure to meet future site and electric vehicle charging capabilities.

David Finn, Tritium chief growth officer and co-founder, said: “One of the biggest challenges in the EV charging industry right now is increasing utilisation without increasing driver waiting times for a charge. Operating and capital costs are traditionally proportional to peak power requirements, yet the revenue our customers generate comes from average power delivery.

“The PKM provides a new, distributed architecture that delivers unique site capital efficiency and scalability. With the PKM150, we’ve built a strong foundational model for this new platform that will offer our customers the opportunity to deploy more capital efficient sites, which will in turn allow them to build more charging sites across their networks.”

The PKM150 is the first fast charging system to be announced on Tritium’s new PKM architecture. The PKM150 system leverages the brand’s patented liquid-cooled modular design, pioneered with the company’s award-winning RTM fast charger.

This provides customers with the opportunity to choose between 50kW, 100kW or 150kW of dual-cable charging station power to meet their business needs. The modular construction of these chargers makes them faster and easier to service and build compared to non-modular systems.

Through the modular design, Tritium can provide customers with chargers, components and modules that have been rigorously field tested and are interchangeable between models.

Jane Hunter, Tritium CEO, said: “This is an exciting time for the e-mobility industry. We’ve reached a tipping point and transportation as we know it is experiencing a major transition.

“Economies are moving from oil powered transport to transport powered by electricity, and with that, we believe internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are becoming an obsolete technology.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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