TRATON GROUP allies with Plus in pioneering move towards autonomous trucking

  • TRATON GROUP partners with Plus for Level 4 autonomous trucking, focusing on hub-to-hub integration in global logistics.
  • Road testing in Texas and Europe aims for commercial deployment by 2024 using Plus’s SuperDriveTM software.
  • Scania’s Autonomous Commercial Pilot Program with Plus prioritises customer-centric testing for efficient, eco-friendly, and safe autonomous trucking solutions.

TRATON GROUP and Plus partner for autonomous trucking technology

TRATON GROUP brands Scania, MAN, and Navistar have forged a critical partnership with Plus, a prominent US-based autonomous driving software solutions provider. This collaboration aims to expedite the integration of autonomous trucks into global logistics networks.

Centred on advancing Level 4 autonomous driving solutions, this alliance focuses particularly on hub-to-hub applications. The goal is to revolutionize operational dynamics, environmental impact, and road safety.

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Shawn Kerrigan, COO and Co-Founder of Plus, says:

“Plus is delighted to be selected by Scania as their long-term autonomy technology partner. We will leverage our experience deploying our highly modular and flexible autonomous driving software globally to help accelerate their development of high-performance autonomous trucks that will safely and easily integrate into customer operations and be deployed commercially at scale.”

The TRATON brands and Plus have commenced public road testing in Texas and Europe, utilizing Plus’s SuperDriveTM software. This Level 4 solution facilitates autonomous driving, with safety drivers presently on board during the testing phase. The roadmap encompasses a progression from testing to commercial pilot operations with fleets slated for 2024. This will lead to subsequent large-scale series production and global deployment.

Scania, as part of TRATON Group, has unveiled an Autonomous Commercial Pilot Programme in tandem with Plus, integrating the latter’s Level 4 autonomous SuperDriveTM technology into Scania and TRATON Group vehicles. This program underscores a commitment to customer-centric testing, showcasing the adaptability of autonomous solutions to specific routes and transport profiles.

Peter Hafmar, Vice President and Head of Autonomous Solutions at Scania, commented:

“We are committed to developing fully integrated autonomous solutions. This means technology that is fitted and supported directly from the factory and a solution that is designed to be operated by our customers in their existing infrastructure and operational flows.

By expanding our autonomous hub-to-hub programme we are taking a leading position in providing autonomous solutions to our customers.”

The program aims not only to boost operating efficiency and reduce transport emissions but also to contribute significantly to road safety and mitigate the global driver shortage. Tests conducted in Sweden since 2021 form the foundation for Scania’s plan to expand pilot operations with customers across Europe throughout 2024.

In the autonomous trucking space, DAF Trucks and Einride have been taking centre stage. Now, TRATON GROUP and Plus’ partnership signals a new contender. As testing progresses, and commercial deployment approaches, this partnership signals a transformative chapter in the evolution of autonomous trucking. It has far-reaching implications for the future of the logistics landscape. 

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