Transport UK Group and Wrightbus unite to propel zero emissions buses across London

  • Wrightbus energises Abellio’s Transport for London lineup with 80 zero emissions buses, including 24 GB Kite and 56 StreetDeck Electroliners.
  • The 2024 Kite models set the safety bar high, while StreetDeck Electroliners features cutting-edge interiors, USB chargers, and enhanced accessibility.
  • Aligned with London’s decarbonisation plan, Abellio’s order cements their role as leaders in the electrifying journey towards zero-emission transport.

Driving London’s green future: Wrightbus secures additional orders for zero-emission buses with Abellio

Abellio, part of the Transport UK Group, has sealed the deal on an order for 80 electric buses from Wrightbus. The procurement includes 24 single-deck GB Kite Electroliners and 56 StreetDeck Electroliners. The StreetDeck is one of the world’s most efficient battery electric double-deck buses. The new influx of busses will grace London’s streets in 2024. The all-electric buses will be under the operation of Abellio on behalf of Transport for London.  

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The revamped 2024 Kites showcase advanced safety features to align with Transport for London’s safety standards. It incorporates front and nearside blindspot warnings, a tyre pressure monitoring system, automated emergency brakes, and a dynamic stability test. All this comes together to ensure a secure and environmentally conscious commuting experience for Londoners.

Abellio’s recent agreement with Wrightbus has propelled their total order of StreetDeck Electroliners to over 100. That marks an impressive milestone in their commitment to building an EV fleet and infrastructure. The collaboration extends beyond quantity, with Abellio actively contributing to the design of bus interiors to enhance customer comfort. Featuring Lazzerini high back seats, a contemporary wood-effect floor, and practical amenities such as USB chargers and mobile phone holders, the buses cater to passengers’ convenience and relaxation. The design also prioritises accessibility, incorporating a larger wheelchair and buggy area, while priority seats boast a distinctive colour scheme.

The StreetDeck Electroliner embodies an exceptional balance of range and efficiency, optimizing power utilization and delivering industry-leading recharge times. Rigorous evaluations conducted at UTAC, utilizing the ZEMO-accredited Ultra Low Emission Bus (ULEB) test, revealed an impressive result of 0.69 kWh/km. This achievement stands out, consuming approximately half the energy compared to its nearest double-deck battery electric vehicle (BEV) counterpart in the UK. It also surpasses the performance of all other BEV single deck buses reported on the ZEMO website.

Jean-Marc Gales, CEO at Wrightbus, said: 

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with Abellio to further demonstrate their commitment to offering even more zero-emission public transport in London. It has been a real team effort between Wrightbus and Abellio to deliver these orders, which will help customers enjoy cleaner transport. We’re immensely proud of the reputation we have forged in the zero-emission transport sector and the important role we are playing in the UK’s ambitions for decarbonisation. All of the buses will be manufactured and assembled at our Ballymena factory, which means support for jobs in Northern Ireland, and wider across the UK through our domestic supply chain.

In pioneering the Electroliner and the groundbreaking StreetDeck Hydroliner, its world-first hydrogen double deck, Wrightbus continues to lead the charge in the decarbonisation of public transport throughout the UK and Ireland. This order marks a transformative step toward a greener and more sustainable future for transportation.

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