Transport for London seeks a partner for new inner-city charging hubs to drive towards emobility

  • London aims for rapid electric vehicle (EV) inner-city charging hubs, seeking a joint-venture partner with TfL for sustainability by 2030.
  • Strategic EV hubs in leading UK adopter London target five locations, each with at least six ultra-rapid charging bays.
  • A lasting JV emphasizes design influence, revenue generation, and a cleaner, greener London.

The city of London is driving towards emobility with plans for new inner-city charging hubs

Places for London, the property arm of Transport for London (TfL), is seeking a joint venture partner to fast-track the deployment of EV ultra-rapid inner-city charging hubs.

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This move aligns with the Mayor of London’s target of achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030. The comprehensive strategy involves the installation of off-street charging hubs. As is becoming common with charging hubs across the UK, the sites will also feature ample retail space where possible. 

London is already a front-runner in EV adoption in the UK. The city boasts a staggering 142,000 plug-in electric cars and vans, along with over 18,300 charging points. This not only positions London as a leader in the EV landscape but also highlights the city’s dedication to providing the necessary infrastructure for emobility.

Places for London is on the lookout for a knowledgeable partner with a proven track record in the EV charging sector. Whether adept at designing and constructing charging hubs or managing a portfolio of top-notch charging points, the call is open.

The initiative kicks off with the identification of five strategic locations. Each of these is to commit to a minimum of six ultra-rapid charging bays. This strategic placement will ensure convenience and efficiency for EV drivers.

The first five locations across London are:
  • Hanger Lane – a vacant site off the North Circular – 20 bays
  • Canning Town – a roadside location off the A13 – 8 bays
  • Car park next to Hatton Cross Tube station – a dedicated area within the car park – 6 bays
  • Tottenham Hale – a former car park that is currently used as a worksite – 6 bays
  • Hillingdon Circus – an area next to Hillingdon Tube station – 9 bays

The creation of a long-term partnership is at the heart of this initiative. This will empower Places for London to actively shape the design and execution of these hubs. A successful partnership will also generate revenue for continuous investment in the city’s transport network.

Seb Dance, London’s Deputy Mayor for Transport, said:

“The wheels of change are turning on London’s streets – and they’re electric. Londoners are charging ahead with electric vehicles, registering new electric cars at a far greater rate than the rest of the UK.

London is leading by example, with over a third of all charge points in the UK installed in our city so far. The joint venture for ultra-rapid charging hubs announced today will make it even easier and more convenient for Londoners and local businesses to switch to electric vehicles. This will help build a better London for everyone – a city that is cleaner, greener, and healthier for all.” 

As part of TfL’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy, the organization anticipates a need for approximately 4,000 rapid charge points by 2030. In line with this projection, TfL is exploring options to optimize its land for additional EV charging bays. This involves collaborating with other members of the Greater London Authority and borough councils.

Mark Farrow, Director of Strategy and Planning at Places for London, said: 

“We are excited to be launching the search for a partner to work with us on bringing forward a number of new electric vehicle charging hubs. These charging hubs will make it even easier for those who need to rapidly charge their electric vehicles, with several bays at each location.

These hubs will not only help encourage others to confidently make the transition to electric vehicles, they will also help generate vital revenue that can then be reinvested into the wider transport network, further encouraging the use of sustainable transport, while simultaneously working toward the Mayor of London’s commitment to achieving Net Zero carbon by 2030.”

London is on the brink of a green revolution. Places for London’s quest for an EV charging partner marks a crucial step towards a future defined by sustainable transport. Whoever steps in to provide the crucial partnership will shape the future of the UK capital’s emobility ambitions.

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