Toyota launches C+pod zero-emissions compact electric car in Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced a limited launch of its C+pod ultra-compact battery electric vehicle (BEV). This two-seater town car looks similar to a SmartCar FourTwo. The idea behind Toyota’s new environmentally-friendly electric car is that it’s designed as a mobility option that improves per-person energy efficiency.

The C+pod features a rear-mounted electric motor that is powered by a 9.1 kWh lithium-ion battery located under the floor. This delivers a top speed of 37mph (60kph) making it ideal for around town use. It offers a range of up to 93 miles (150km). It can be charged at Toyota dealers with G-Charge stations along with other regular charge points.

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There will be two models of the C+pod. The C+pod X model will cost 1,650,000 Yen (£11,722/$16,650/€13,054), while the C+pod G model will be priced at 1,716,000 Yen (£12,187/$16,000/€13,570). Currently, it’s only available in Japan.

Toyota plans to further promote the establishment of systems for popularising battery electric vehicles. This includes the development of new business models and to conduct a full-scale launch including to individual customers by 2022. In addition to short-distance daily use, the C+pod is also aimed at corporate users, visiting customers and at users in urban or mountainous locations who need safe clean driving options.

Toyota is also expanding its product lineup and forming open collaborations as it works to build new business models. In Japan, it is focusing initially on the C+pod, its Walking Area battery electric vehicles and Toyota i-Road 2. They have more than 200 corporate and local government partners currently involved in exploring new transportation models.

Toyota’s Walking Area battery electric vehicles are designed to facilitate movement through pedestrian zones. They provide mobility support in a range of situations, including when people are carrying heavy loads, such as large amounts of luggage or when they have difficulty walking. The three types that are planned are seated, standing and wheelchair style electric vehicles.

Toyota’s i-Road 2 is a compact three-wheeled battery electric vehicle. It offers a novel and enjoyable experience that combines the convenience of a motorcycle with the comfort, stability and safety of a car.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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