Touring in style: City Sightseeing Oxford unveils its fully electric bus fleet

  • City Sightseeing Oxford unveils entirely electric bus fleet during English Tourism Week.
  • Transition signifies a significant step towards sustainability in public transport.
  • Investment highlights commitment to Oxfordshire’s visitor economy, with enhanced passenger features and safety measures.

City Sightseeing Oxford welcomes eight new electric models to form an entirely electric bus fleet

City Sightseeing Oxford has rolled out a revolutionary change in its tours. They unveiled an all-electric fleet during English Tourism Week. This move marks another step towards emobility in Oxford, a committed green city, and home to the EV SUMMIT

This initiative, spearheaded by Oxford Bus Company, introduces eight new electric buses. They complement the existing three, resulting in a fully zero-emission fleet for sightseeing tours.

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The investment, totalling £4 million, signifies a strong commitment to Oxfordshire’s visitor economy. It’s steadily recovering from the pandemic’s impact. At the launch event, notable figures attended. They included representatives from Experience Oxfordshire and City Sightseeing Worldwide. The focus was on the environmental and economic benefits of the transition.

The new fleet boasts several passenger-friendly features. These include glazed staircases and roof lights, enhancing the tour experience. Safety measures have also been upgraded. This includes the inclusion of digital camera mirror systems. Luke Marion, managing director of Oxford Bus Company, expressed pride in this milestone. He highlighted the fleet’s reliance on 100% renewable electricity to improve air quality and attractiveness for visitors.

Enrique Ybarra, CEO of City Sightseeing Worldwide, said:

“We are proud that City Sightseeing Oxford is leading the transformation of the travel industry towards a 100% sustainable future by becoming the first-ever hop-on hop-off bus company with a fleet of fully electric buses.”

This development aligns with Oxford Bus Company’s broader commitment to electrifying its fleet. They are introducing one of the UK’s largest electric bus fleets outside of London. The £82.5 million project is funded through collaboration with Oxfordshire County Council and government schemes. It includes the installation of charging hubs at bus depots.

City Sightseeing Oxford’s transition to an all-electric fleet signifies a groundbreaking shift towards sustainability in tourism and public transport. With a focus on innovation and environmental consciousness, Oxford is paving the way for greener, more enjoyable sightseeing experiences.

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