Top Women in EV 2024 launches next week

  • Top Women in EV 2024 starts March 4th, spotlighting women’s contributions to the EV sector.
  • Achievements: 350 women recognised, 170 mentorships, 1.1M LinkedIn impressions in 2023.
  • March 7th event at Tesla Delivery Hub explores inclusivity and diversity in EV industry.

Prepare for a week charged with excitement as the fifth Top Women in EV campaign kicks off on Monday, 4th March

ElectricDrives is thrilled to be hosting the annual celebration of the pioneering women in our industry. The week-long social media extravaganza will spotlight women shaping the EV sector, as nominated by their peers, acknowledging their invaluable contributions. 

In partnership with Auto Trader UK, this groundbreaking campaign is culminating in an event at the Tesla Delivery Hub in Birmingham.

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Top Women in EV 2024 Achievements:
  • Recognition of 350 women through the online campaign over five years.
  • Facilitation of over 170 professional mentorships.
  • Annual panels featuring industry experts.
  • Over 1.1 million LinkedIn impressions in 2023 alone.
Lindsay Brown, Global Strategy Director and Top Women in EV lead for Green.TV Media, commented:

“Top Women in EV is about celebrating the incredible diversity of talented women in the industry, from CEOs to technicians, marketing to sales. 

But there is still so much to do. We need to see more diversity in boardrooms, at industry events, in the fields of design, marketing, and engineering, so that these new vehicles are suitable for everyone.” 

Top Women in EV Insights at the Tesla Delivery Hub

The event kicks off at 9:30 am on the 7th of March with the Tesla Insights Forum, providing an exclusive peek into the latest developments at Tesla in the UK. 

The Top Women in EV Insights commences at 2:30 pm. This centrepiece comprises two panel discussions led by industry experts. These panels will illuminate key areas where we can improve the diversity in the EV landscape.

2:30 pm: “No Driver Left Behind” 

This panel will delve into inclusivity in EV adoption. That includes challenging the macho-centric media and marketing of electric vehicles, and putting women at the forefront of the adoption conversation to ensure an equitable emobility transition.


  • Erin Baker, Editorial Director | Auto Trader UK 
  • Julie David, Founder. Strategic Advisor & Executive Coach | Salcombe Quays Advisory 
  • Stephanie Booth, Senior Manager, Sales Operations EMEA | Tesla
  • Gill Nowell, Principal | Afry
  • Moderated by Lindsay Brown, Strategy Director, Global | Green.TV Media
Award-winning automotive journalist, Erin Baker, commented: 

“With electric cars, we have a huge opportunity to radically change the way we market and sell to women.”

3:30 pm: “Diversity – Creating The Culture” 

This panel will explore the vital topic of fostering diversity in the EV sector. From boardrooms to workshops, training, marketing and supporting women to join the emobility space is key.


  • Sue White, Associate Director | Head of Piper Maddox, eMobility & CleanTech
  • Danielle Cort, Marketing Director |Swarco Smart Charging
  • Sian Butcher, Training Manager for the UK, Ireland & Middle East | Tesla
  • Moderated by Lindsay Brown, Strategy Director, Global | Green.TV Media

This agenda ensures a comprehensive and captivating exploration of the evolving EV landscape, covering industry insights to fostering diversity and inclusion. 

If you’d like to attend, please register your by emailing

If you can’t make it on the 7th, you can still get involved by filling out this questionnaire to help shape the discussion.

Top Women in EV, now entering its fifth year, is an essential week in the emobility calendar. Read what a few of our previous finalists had to say down below.

Charlotte Argue, Senior Manager, Sustainable Mobility, Geotab:

‘It’s a really exciting time to be involved in an industry that’s on course to shape and transform how we move people and things. It’s a sense of community and collaboration that I just love being part of’.

Lynne Toogood, COO, Connected Kerb:

“I would encourage any woman who wants to get into this industry not to worry about not having experience in EV specifically, but to take all of the knowledge and experience they’ve harvested and bring it into the sector.”

Mariska Matadin, Manager Business Development, Bridgestone Mobility Solutions:

“I am proud to be part of this revolutionizing EV circle, where I am allowed to be myself and thrive with the female leaders of tomorrow.”

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