Top electric motorbikes coming in 2024

  • Electric motorbikes are a low-emission, cheaper-to-run alternative to their petrol counterparts and also offer instant torque and a quieter ride.
  • The roster of electric motorbikes has historically lacked in comparison to electric cars, but that’s all about to change, with a wealth of new bikes on the way.
  • Whether you want an urban runabout, a mile munching machine, or something that can handle a bit of the rough stuff, these are the electric motorbikes coming in 2024 that we’re most looking forward to.


The CE 02 is aimed as a stylish-looking city bike. It can be optioned with a speed restriction of 45km/h, which puts it in the same license category as a 50cc moped – which means in this form, you’ll be able to ride it before you turn 18 in many countries, though this option also reduces range and power. In the UK, prices start at just £7,450. Without the speed restrictor the CE 02 can top 59mph, which coincidentally also allows for up to 59 miles of riding between charges – so occasional longer journeys out of the city are still achievable. Quite impressively, the BMW can also leap from 0 to 30mph in just three seconds.

Starting Price£7,450
Top Speed59mph / 28mph (restricted)
Range59 miles / 28 miles (restricted)
Peak Power11kW / 4kW (restricted)

Maeving RM1s

The RM1s takes design inspiration from classic British motorbikes such as Triumph. It’s the fastest electric motorbike available from the British startup brand, with a top speed of 70mph, offering a similar riding experience to that you’d expect from a 125cc bike. A dual battery pack setup offers up to 80 miles of range, whilst charging from 0 to 100% takes just four hours. The Maeving is pretty similarly priced to the BMW too, with a starting price of £7,495. You’ll also get one year free GPS tracking included free-of-charge for security.

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The company recently began its expansion into the US, so those in California will also be able to get their hands on an RM1s from July next year.

Starting Price£7,495
Top Speed70mph
Range80 miles
Peak Power10.5kW

LiveWire S2 Del Mar

Harley Davidson’s electric subsidiary LiveWire showed the world what a no-compromise electric motorbike could look like with the LiveWire One, but a lower-cost bike with similarly blistering performance is on the way next year. The S2 Del Mar can launch from 0 to 60mph in just three seconds, beating some of the best electric sports cars despite its £16,990 price tag. A range of 113 miles is achievable in the city, whilst this will drop to around 70 miles on faster roads.

Starting Price£16,990
Top Speed101mph
Range113 miles
Peak Power63kW

Zero DS

Zero’s dual-sport oriented electric motorbike is just as at home on rutted back lanes as it is on city streets or motorways, available from next year with a starting price of £16,200. With a top speed of 86mph and a range of up to 144 miles it’s suitable for longer commutes, too. You’ll be grateful in the winter months for LED headlights and taillights, ensuring you stay seen in the dark. The battery pack is also compatible with rapid charging, allowing you to boost up to 95% charge in just 1.3 hours.

Starting Price£16,200
Top Speed86mph
Range144 miles
Peak Power45kW

Kawasaki Ninja e-1

Christmas has come early with the Ninja e-1, and is actually available to order right now despite its 2024 model year, with a starting price of £8,199. This bike follows a conventional sports-oriented design, which you’d barely be able to tell apart from Kawasaki’s outgoing petrol models such as the Ninja H2 – which for some people, will be a bonus. You’ll be looking at a top speed of 61mph from a 12hp motor, and around 44 miles of range, making it another good alternative to the BMW CE 02 and Maeving RM1S.

Starting Price£8,199
Top Speed61mph
Range44 miles
Peak Power9kW

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