Tootbus teams up with VEV to save over 15,000 kg in carbon emissions per year across London bus operations

  • Tootbus teams up with VEV for a 15,567kg annual carbon emission reduction goal.
  • Aiming to convert 30+ buses to electric by 2029, with three already transitioned.
  • VEV provides 100% renewable power, ten chargers, and a solar project for eco-friendly sightseeing travel.

Tootbus and VEV to slash emissions and convert over 30 buses into EVs

Tootbus, renowned as the world’s inaugural clean energy sightseeing bus company, has forged a partnership with VEV, an e-fleet solutions provider supported by Vitol. This collaboration will bolster Tootbus’ dedication to a comprehensive sustainability mission, anticipating an annual decrease of 15,567kg in carbon emissions.

Looking ahead to 2029, Tootbus aims to convert over 30 buses from traditional hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel to electric vehicles (EVs). Already making progress, three buses have been successfully converted. VEV’s involvement kicks off this month, delivering 100% renewable power and installing ten chargers dedicated to Tootbus’ existing electric fleet.

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A notable initiative unfolds at Tootbus’ Wandsworth depot, where roof-mounted solar panels are generating clean energy. These panels have the potential to sustain 60,000km of sightseeing bus travel annually. Subject to regulatory approval, VEV will enhance this effort by introducing solar power generation at the depot. That amounts to 65,000kWh, therefore reducing reliance on the National Grid.

VEV’s specialised energy management platform, VEV-IQ, steps in to fine-tune Tootbus’ power supply, charging infrastructure, and vehicle usage. For Tootbus, this collaboration serves as an integral component of its green strategy. This initiated in 2021 with the adoption of HVO fuel, resulting in a substantial 90% reduction in CO2 emissions. The current shift towards EVs aligns seamlessly with the broader industry trend embracing environmentally conscious alternatives.

Mike Nakrani, CEO of VEV commented:

“The bus and tourism sectors have a critical role to play in helping to decarbonise UK roads. As the transition to electrification is set to gain pace over the immediate and longer-term future, leading players in these sectors have recognised that going green is not only the right thing to do, but is also a competitive advantage and are keen to make the switch as soon as possible. We’re excited to be working with Gavin and his proactive team at Tootbus to demonstrate the invaluable impact that fleet electrification and smart energy management have in helping cities to reduce carbon emissions. We look forward to continuing to support them in leading the way towards more sustainable travel.”

Gavin Brooking, Managing Director, Tootbus UK, added:

“Green tourism is at the heart of our business strategy and is an important investment for us. We recognised the enormous potential that switching to a complete end-to-end sustainable electric fleet could have in helping us achieve our emissions-reduction goals. With its extensive expertise in the sector of smart energy management, VEV is an ideal like-minded partner for us with a bespoke, turnkey solution.”

This collaboration positions Tootbus at the forefront of sustainable travel. The incorporation of VEV’s electrification solutions will play a significant role in Tootbus’ ambitious journey towards achieving a fully electric fleet by 2029. This surpasses London’s Mayoral push for greener transportation options, thereby propelling the city towards a prosperous green future.

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