The Volvo FH Aero: Setting a new standard for trucking efficiency 

  • Volvo Trucks introduces FH Aero, a groundbreaking, energy-efficient addition to the FH range.
  • Recognised as the International Truck of the Year 2024, it focuses on sustainability with optimized aerodynamics and innovative features.
  • The gradual rollout from 2024 to 2025 includes design enhancements, advanced Camera Monitoring System, and commitment to practical options in heavy-duty trucking.

Introducing groundbreaking efficiency with the Volvo FH Aero

Volvo Trucks has unveiled the Volvo FH Aero, a revolutionary addition to its FH range. This truck brings a fresh perspective to the industry’s environmental concerns, with a focus on optimised aerodynamics and innovative features. 

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Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks, emphasises:

“The new Volvo FH Aero is our most efficient truck ever as we continue to reduce CO2 from our entire product range. This is a Volvo truck at its best – a safe, beautifully designed and superior quality truck for tough long-haul tasks.”

Available in four powertrain variants, including biofuel and electric technology, the FH Aero aims to cut energy consumption and emissions by up to five percent, addressing critical sustainability factors. The rollout will extend gradually from 2024 to 2025, introducing a design with a 24-centimeter front extension for enhanced aerodynamics and stability in adverse weather conditions.

Departing from tradition, the FH Aero features an advanced Camera Monitoring System, replacing conventional mirrors. This innovation contributes not only to improved aerodynamics but also enhances safety by providing an expanded field of vision. The modern facelift includes distinctive branding elements such as the prominent Volvo Iron Mark and the Volvo Spread Word Mark.

Practically, the Aero incorporates enhancements such as refined I-See technology and updated brakes with patented drag-free discs. The infotainment system receives a user-friendly upgrade. Volvo Trucks remains committed to options, offering the standard non-extended cab for the Volvo FH based on market needs.

The FH Aero represents a technological leap forward for Volvo Trucks, addressing environmental challenges while meeting the demands of modern transport. It signifies the industry’s collective responsibility to sustainability, balancing innovation and practicality in heavy-duty trucking. The electric truck market is set to reach over 1 million units by 2030. So, if the Volvo FH Aero can make an impact at this pivotal crunch time in the industry, it could become one of the leading trucks on the market for years to come.

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