The ultimate British EV conversion at home

  • Electrogenic reveals customer Jaguar E-Type with ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kit.
  • Easy to install, reversible, and seamlessly integrates into the vehicle’s structure.
  • Transformed E-Type offers 150-200 miles range, rapid charging, and cutting-edge technology.

Converting the E-Type: Electrogenic’s ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kit

Arguably the world’s most beautiful car has just been made even better with an EV conversion kit from leading UK firm, Electrogenic.

Electrogenic’s revolutionary ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kit transforms classic cars into electric vehicles, ensuring their longevity.

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Electrogenic is renowned for bespoke EV conversions and existing drop-in kits for vehicles like the Land Rover Defender, classic Porsche 911, and the original Mini. 

Now, they have extended their expertise to the Jaguar E-Type, an all-time favourite for classic car enthusiasts. The converted E-Type offers a range of 150-200 miles and supports CCS rapid charging, delivering clean and efficient drives.

You can install the drop-in kits easily, and reverse them if you desire. They seamlessly integrate into the vehicle’s structure and are available internationally through Electrogenic’s installer partners.

Electrogenic’s kit range includes options to suit different preferences. The E43 package equips the E-Type with 43kW of OEM-grade batteries, providing over 150 miles of driving range. It offers impressive acceleration, reaching 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds. Larger-capacity E48 and E63 options offer extended ranges of 160 and 200+ miles, respectively.

The batteries are cleverly positioned within the vehicle’s original structure, ensuring optimal weight distribution and preserving natural handling characteristics. Even with the electric components, the electrified E-Types are lighter than their conventional counterparts.

With their proprietary EV technology and commitment to quality, Electrogenic meets the demand for sustainable classic motoring experiences. Their drop-in kits, alongside bespoke conversions, provide enthusiasts worldwide with clean and reliable iconic models. Electrogenic’s innovations mark an exciting new chapter, promising a new life and a long future for classic cars.

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