The UK’s leading multi-brand EV company will expand its electric vehicle lineup for 2024

  • IA Electric Vehicles partners with Seres and Skywell, expanding its electric vehicle lineup for 2024.
  • Seres 3 SUV launches in April, priced below £30,000; Skywell ET5 with a 304-mile range debuts in summer.
  • IA invites UK dealerships for affordable franchise opportunities, aligning with its 2024 growth plans.

IA Electric Vehicles welcomes Seres and Skywell into it’s electric vehicle lineup

IA Electric Vehicles is gearing up for an electrifying 2024. The company has unveiled plans to expand its roster of automotive brands and boost its dealer network. IA has scored the role of authorized distributor for two leading electric vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs): Seres and Skywell. This move complements its existing partnership with DFSK.

In December, the London EV Show officially introduced Seres, a California-based manufacturer, to the UK audience. Their Seres 3 electric SUV took the spotlight and garnered positive responses. Scheduled for release in April 2024, this stylish, high-performance vehicle comes with a competitive price tag of less than £30,000.

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Skywell, meanwhile, is a rapidly growing brand that will hit the UK market in Q2 2024. The Skywell ET5, a premium mid-size SUV with a practical range of 304 miles (WLTP), will release in the UK this summer.

Known for its advanced range of next-generation electric vehicles, IA Electric Vehicles strategically positions itself to play a pivotal role in the UK’s automotive sector decarbonisation and net-zero target achievement. 

Gary White, General Manager at IA Electric Vehicles, commented: 

“This is a very exciting time for IA Electric Vehicles as we welcome Seres and Skywell into the family, alongside DFSK. Both brands are highly respected around the world and their technology, comfort and refinement are a perfect match for the UK marketplace.” 

To support the anticipated surge in sales for 2024, IA Electric Vehicles is actively encouraging automotive dealerships across the UK to explore franchise opportunities. These opportunities come with low investment costs, making it an attractive proposition for dynamic single- and multi-site dealerships. Interested parties can find more information by visiting the official IA Electric Vehicles website.

IA Electric Vehicles anticipates a transformative year, adding Seres and Skywell to its lineup and inviting potential franchise partners. The road ahead holds significant potential as IA Electric Vehicles accelerates into the electric future.

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