The UK’s largest public EV charging hub has opened its doors at the NEC Birmingham

  • UK’s largest public EV charging hub opens at NEC Birmingham, a result of bp pulse and The EV Network partnership.
  • Offers simultaneous charging for 180 EVs with ultra-fast and fast chargers, serving millions of visitors and commuters.
  • Demonstrates the power of private investments and collaboration in advancing sustainable transportation infrastructure.

The EV Network and bp pulse unveil the results of their incredible investment at the NEC Birmingham

The project is thanks to a groundbreaking partnership between bp pulse and The EV Network. The Gigahub™ was inaugurated by The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt MP. It marks a substantial private investment in the UK’s EV charging infrastructure.


The Gigahub™ is strategically placed at the epicentre of the national motorway network. That means it caters to the seven million annual NEC Campus visitors and to the staggering 60 million average yearly UK motorway users. Situated less than a mile from Junction 6 on the M42 and just 2.4 miles from Junction 7A for the M6, its accessibility is undeniable.

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“The NEC was a perfect location that is not only geographically key, but of national significance, to support the EV charging landscape. EVN secured 6.5MVA grid connection, to support the entire infrastructure. The strategic placement and impressive scale of this charging hub within the UK’s transport infrastructure offers reassuring support to drivers journeying between cities.”

Reza Shaybani, CEO, and Co-Founder, the EV Network


What sets this Gigahub™ apart is its capability to simultaneously charge a whopping 180 electric vehicles. This was achieved by installing cutting-edge ultra-fast chargers, boasting 16 ultra-fast 300KW DC chargers. Two of these are accessible bays, and the hub features an additional 150 points for 7KW charging, including dedicated accessible bays.

“We are proud to contribute to the UK Government’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy. Working in collaboration with EVN and bp pulse, the opening of our EV charging hub provides NEC Campus customers, commuters, and those working for local regional or national businesses, a reliable and convenient way to recharge and support lower carbon travel future.”

Paul Thandi CBE, DL Chairman, NEC Group

What’s next?

The Gigahub™ project is a testament to the power of collaboration. The EV Network invested substantially in the multimillion-pound endeavour. They designed, developed, and constructed the Gigahub™ as part of a long-term agreement with the NEC Group. Meanwhile, bp pulse, one of the UK’s largest charge point operators, provides its operational expertise.

As part of its broader strategy, bp pulse plans to roll out hundreds of similar hubs by 2030.  They’ll build them across urban areas, trunk roads, motorways, and various destinations, enhancing the EV charging network nationwide.

The Gigahub™ at NEC Birmingham signifies a pivotal moment in the UK’s journey toward a sustainable future. It’s both an investment for visitors and a transformative step in bolstering the entire EV charging infrastructure. It’s making eco-conscious travel a reality. Private investments like these, supported by strategic partnerships, demonstrate the influential role of the private sector in driving innovation and creating a greener, job-rich future.

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