The UK’s green technology sector gains an influx of £89 million in government and industry funding

  • £89 million funding for 20 green technology projects, including offroad vehicles and EV batteries.
  • Administered by the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK, aiming to establish a comprehensive zero emission vehicle supply chain.
  • Initiatives by companies like Aston Martin and Green Lithium to create/safeguard 4,700 jobs, emphasizing sustainable mobility and economic growth commitment.

£89 million is being allocated to 20 green technology projects across the UK

Spearheaded by the Department for Business and Trade, this funding aims to propel the nation’s EV innovation. An effort that’s more pressing than ever since the UK announced its delay in decarbonisation plans. The projects will span diverse areas such as offroad vehicles, net zero tractors, and groundbreaking EV battery systems.

Administered through the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK (APC), this funding infusion underscores the commitment to building a comprehensive EV supply chain in the UK. With a £45.2 million government contribution, supplemented by £42.7 million from the automotive industry, this collaboration signifies a powerful stride for UK emobility.

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What projects will receive the funding?

Leading automotive entities, including renowned names like Aston Martin, are among the winners of this funding initiative. Aston Martin’s project involves accelerating the development of a luxury battery electric vehicle platform. Other green technology companies, like Green Lithium, are gearing up to establish vital infrastructure such as a lithium scale-up plant in Teesside. These initiatives are anticipated to create or safeguard over 4,700 jobs, significantly bolstering the national workforce.

Furthermore, this funding drive dovetails with the broader mission of the Automotive Transformation Fund (ATF), which is propelling investments in critical areas like gigafactories, battery material supply chains, and wider green technology. The synergy between public and private sectors in this endeavor exemplifies a concerted effort to drive the UK toward a sustainable, electrified automotive future.

Additionally, the Niche Vehicle Network (NVN) Production Readiness Competition has recognized pioneering projects, allocating £1.1 million in grant funding. This includes ventures like a zero-emission Ariel Nomad, a low volume performance offroad vehicle, and an innovative UK-made electric scooter designed for superior rider safety and durability.

This funding injection fuels technological advancement while reaffirming the nation’s commitment to sustainability, job creation, and green technology development. The funding comes as a relief to many after the UK government’s EV delays, but despite policy changes, the UK still seeks to establish itself as a green leader. Surely then, the influx of money will eventually extend to policies that may aid EV adoption, alongside green technology development. 

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