The UK has installed 50,000 public EV charge points, Zapmap reports

  • UK celebrates 50,000 public EV charge points, showcasing significant growth in the charging network.
  • Rapid expansion includes a 68% increase in ultra-rapid charge points since September 2022, indicating increased accessibility for EV owners.
  • Experts emphasize government support and strategic placement of chargers, highlighting the importance of extensive charging infrastructure.

The UK’s charging infrastructure is skyrocketing as the nation hits 50,000 public charge points

Zapmap reports that the UK has installed over 50,000 public EV charge points nationwide. This milestone highlights the remarkable growth trend in the nation’s charge point network.

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The 50,000th charging device was recently installed at a service station in Weston-super-Mare, marking a 68% increase in ultra-rapid charge points since September 2022. Simultaneously, the number of slow chargers rose by nearly 68%. This rapid expansion in the charging infrastructure indicates the accelerating adoption of EV technology and the increasing accessibility for EV owners.

This achievement comes on the heels of the UK surpassing the 40,000 mark in February 2023 and the 30,000 mark in February 2022. This clearly underlines the nation’s commitment to bolstering its charging network. The data suggests that the current pace of installations may lead to a whopping 100,000 charging devices by August 2025.

Melanie Shufflebotham, Co-founder & COO at Zapmap, said:

“Hitting 50,000 public charging devices is a really important milestone for the country and illustrates the sea change behind the increased rate of charge point installations.

Alongside the number of high-power charging hubs in the UK more than doubling in the past year, as we saw last week, these are changes that bring real benefits to electric car drivers up and down the country.”

Ian Johnson, Chair of ChargeUK, commented:

“This is a significant milestone and a testament to the investment, vision and hard work of our members. The rate of deployment is increasing all the time, in the last 12 months alone the public charge point network has increased by 43%. However, we can go further and faster with the right policies and help from government to remove barriers that constrain the roll- out.”

Ade Thomas, Founder of World EV Day™, said:

“There has been a great deal of negative press about the number of public chargers. With the 50,000 threshold having been hit, on the UK’s journey to being an EV nation, we should now start really talking up what a great job the British green tech sector are doing bringing this huge number of EV chargers online, and all in super quick time.”

This achievement reflects a collective effort towards a greener future. Increasing our charge point network only makes electric vehicles more reliable and accessible. As the charging network increases, common issues surrounding range anxiety diminish. The rapid escalation of the UK’s installation is a sign of the progress the nation has made. Transport is going electric, faster than you may think.

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