The Tesla Supercharger network just got more affordable for all EV drivers

  • Tesla introduces membership model for Supercharger network, offering lower rates.
  • Reduction in monthly fee to £8.99 and new £90/year option.
  • Aim is to democratise Supercharging, increase accessibility for all EV owners.

Tesla introduces a new pricing structure, making its Supercharger network more available than ever

Tesla has introduced a membership model to enhance affordability and accessibility for electric vehicle (EV) owners. The new system offers lower Supercharging rates to customers. Tesla owners are automatically enrolled as members.

The monthly membership fee is reduced from £10.99 to £8.99, and a £90 per year annual membership option is available. This provides a 16% discount compared to monthly subscriptions. These alterations will democratise Supercharging, catering to a wider range of EV owners.

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Crucially, the benefits extend beyond Tesla’s clientele. While Tesla owners continue to enjoy preferential rates, non-members can still utilise stations at standard prices. This aligns with Tesla’s recent partnerships and agreements to open its network to a wider range of drivers. 

Active members will see their monthly fees automatically reduced, with the option to switch to an annual plan. However, users must update their Tesla app to version 4.32 or higher for these benefits.

Tesla’s Supercharger network encompasses over 1,400 stations across 140 sites in the UK and Ireland. Of these, 42 sites are accessible to all EVs equipped with CCS charging, totalling 477 chargers. This move reflects Tesla’s dedication to inclusivity and accommodating diverse EV models.

Moreover, Tesla has introduced new payment methods, allowing customers to use contactless card payments at V4 Superchargers and facilitating charging and payment through the Tesla app at V3 Superchargers.

With over 14,000 Superchargers spanning 30 European countries, Tesla boasts the world’s largest fast-charging infrastructure. Currently, over 70% of the European network is accessible to non-Tesla vehicles, with plans for further expansion.

These updates signify Tesla’s ongoing efforts to redefine the EV charging landscape, prioritising affordability, accessibility, and inclusivity for all drivers.

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