The Snowdonia Aerospace Centre is going electric with Aerovolt testing 

  • Snowdonia Aerospace Centre teams up with Aerovolt for cutting-edge electric aircraft testing.
  • Aerovolt’s smart charging system facilitates seamless point-to-point flying and recharging.
  • Collaboration includes the UK’s first thermal runway detection system and plans for the inaugural eVTOL vertiport.

Snowdonia skies are electrifying as the Aerospace Centre takes on Aerovolt electric aviation testing

The Snowdonia Aerospace Centre has partnered with Aerovolt to revolutionise electric aviation testing. The UK-based facility is already a major player in large-scale drone testing. Now, it’s becoming an eVTOL hub, embracing Aerovolt’s cutting-edge charging systems for aircraft development and future flight technologies.

Come March, Aerovolt will implement its certified smart charging system, utilising the globally recognised AS6968 protocol. This system, currently employed by numerous certified and in-development aircraft worldwide, enables seamless point-to-point flying and recharging across the UK for both manned and unmanned electric aircraft systems.

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Aerovolt is on a mission, engaging with nearly 70 regional and medium-sized airports in the UK. The objective: installing smart charging systems for new electric aircraft, with several installations already completed. What sets this installation apart is the incorporation of the UK’s inaugural thermal runway detection system for airside charging facilities. This system employs a bespoke wireless thermal monitoring and alarm setup, adding an extra layer of safety and efficiency.

Snowdonia Aerospace Centre is not stopping there. It’s gearing up to establish the UK’s first eVTOL vertiport facility, aligning with recently introduced CAA guidelines. This move is a significant stride in shaping the landscape for the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market.

The vertiport portal, set to support automated take-off, landing, and terminal area manoeuvring for drones and eVTOL aircraft, is not only a game-changer but also an opportunity for data capture. Slink-Tech, in collaboration with CAA policy experts, aims to use the vertiport to gather essential eVTOL noise and rotor downwash data for certification testing.

By combining Aerovolt’s electric charging system, Slink-Tech’s vertiport, and Snowdonia Aerospace Centre’s existing airspace management capabilities, the facility is positioning itself as the go-to flight test centre for eVTOL in the UK. This collaboration signifies a leap forward in advancing electric aviation technologies on British soil.

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