The Scania 2023 Report: Emobility interests pay off for global transport leader

  • The Scania 2023 report: 28% sales growth, significant rise in electric vehicle (EV) deliveries.
  • 8% increase in EV deliveries, doubling sales revenue in seven years.
  • Emphasis on sustainable transport, highlighting EV milestones and ambitious emission reduction targets.

Scania reports an 8% increase in EV deliveries in 2023, supporting the company’s wider growth

The Scania 2023 Annual and Sustainability Report highlights a compelling surge in electric vehicle (EV) sales. It underscores the company’s financial strength and commitment to sustainability, unveiled today. The report encapsulates Scania’s noteworthy achievements in EVs during the year.

In 2023, Scania witnessed a remarkable 28% growth in net sales, reaching SEK (Swedish Krona) 204.1 billion. The adjusted operating income soared to SEK 26.0 billion, boasting a robust margin of 12.7%. Deliveries of vehicles surged by 13%, totalling 96,727 units, with 246 being Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV). The service business also saw an 11% increase in revenue, contributing to the overall positive performance.

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The fourth quarter of 2023 continued the trend of success, with net sales climbing by 21% to SEK 60.0 billion. The adjusted operating income reached SEK 7.4 billion, maintaining a strong margin of 12.3%. EV deliveries in this period increased by 8%, totalling 28,984 vehicles, including 57 ZEV units. Despite a 5% decrease in order intake to 22,299 vehicles, the service business experienced a 6% revenue boost.

Scania CEO, Christian Levin, commented:

“Like many other businesses, Scania is adapting to a world where the ‘new normal’ means uncertainty and constant disturbances. While we managed to stabilise flows in 2023 and deliver a strong financial performance, we are still working hard together with partners and bodybuilders to improve delivery precision for our customers.”

Scania’s commitment to sustainable transport was evident in various EV milestones throughout 2023. This included the opening of a battery assembly plant for large-scale electric truck production and the expansion of the electric product portfolio. The report also acknowledged challenges in reducing carbon emissions from the rolling fleet.

While on track to meet 2025 emission reduction targets, Scania aims for a 20% reduction in scope 3 emissions by 2025. The focus for 2024 involves enhancing driver efficiency, optimising vehicle specifications, promoting renewable fuels, and expanding electrified solutions.

The 2023 Annual and Sustainability Report stands as a testament to Scania’s financial resilience and sustainable growth. The emphasis is on the company’s noteworthy advancements in electric vehicle sales. As the company continues to lead in this space, it remains poised for positive change and adaptation in the dynamic market landscape. The latest figures show that fleets are bolstering the UK’s emobility sector, and working fleets like Scania’s are playing a huge role in that support. 

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