The R30 all-electric boat: Charting a new course for maritime recreation

  • BIG unveils R30 all-electric boat: 30ft vessel with 800HP and 221 kWh battery.
  • Innovative features include a solar canopy, kitchenette, and stern ocean terrace, redefining boating luxury.
  • R30 showcases the transformative power of electric vehicles on water, blending performance and sustainability seamlessly.

Blue Innovations Group launches its flagship all-electric boat, the R30

Blue Innovations Group (BIG) proudly unveiled its flagship creation, the R30 electric boat. The vessel is ready for its launch event in St. Petersburg, Florida on December 16th, 2023. 

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The R30, a 30-foot marvel, boasts a 221 kWh battery pack with an 800HP dual motor powertrain and integrated UI. The boat has the capacity to accommodate up to 12 people for 8 hours. The R30 promises to blend uncompromised safety, high-performance capabilities, and classic style, all while decarbonising our oceans.

This all-electric boat’s cutting-edge connected capabilities, interactive features, and versatile layout cater to the evolving needs of modern consumers. It’s designed to fit perfectly into the middle ground between business and pleasure. The boat’s electric controls and power make it easy to use and extremely quiet. Not to mention comparatively cheap to run. 

BIG’s move into electric boating mirrors the wider trend of EVs revolutionizing various forms of transport. The R30, with its impressive specs and innovative features, stands as a testament to the expanding horizons of EV technology. 

The R30’s features include a half-walk-around layout, a bathroom with a bidet, a kitchenette, refrigerator, and air conditioning. The vessel also sports a stern ocean terrace, providing an idyllic space to soak in the beauty of the surroundings. I’m sure made even more beautiful by the lack of emissions. 

What does this mean for the wider EV world?

This milestone reaffirms the pivotal role played by sustainable solutions in transforming traditional industries. BIG’s mission is rooted in enabling the transition from land to water with eco-conscious solutions. It underscores the broader shift towards a future of decarbonised transport across the board.

Customer reservations are already underway and BIG plans to begin deliveries of the R30 in the third quarter of 2024. This move not only signifies a leap in marine technology but also reinforces the notion that EVs are not just the future of transportation; they are the present, shaping diverse sectors and redefining the way we experience the world, both on land and now, on water.

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