The Porsche Taycan revolution: Upgraded power, range, and efficiency

  • Porsche Taycan gets a power boost with 320 kW charging and 400 kW recuperation.
  • Key upgrades: 35% more range (up to 421 miles), improved design, driver experience, and dynamic performance.
  • Efficiency strides with advanced powertrain and adaptive air suspension highlight Porsche’s commitment to electric sports cars.

Porsche upgrades design, performance, and sustainability for the iconic Taycan electric sports car

Porsche is redefining electric vehicle performance and luxury once again with substantial upgrades to its Taycan lineup. It promises a blend of power, efficiency, and design sophistication.

Range & Performance

The Taycan’s standout improvement lies in its extended range, pushing up to 35% more than its predecessor. According to WLTP standards, the Taycan can now cover a maximum of 421 miles (678 km) on a single charge. Charging efficiency gets a boost, with a 10 to 80% state of charge achievable in just 18 minutes.

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Porsche has amped up the charging game, with an increase of 50 kW, taking the capacity to a robust 320 kW. High-speed recuperation has surged to 400 kW, promising expedited charging times. The acceleration experience is fine-tuned, the Taycan Turbo S hits 0-62 mph in a mere 2.4 seconds.

Acceleration times for both Taycan and Taycan Turbo S have been slashed, with a new push-to-pass function providing a momentary burst of up to 70 kW for 10 seconds. These enhancements underscore Porsche’s dedication to delivering a thrilling driving experience.

Efficiency & Advanced Features

Porsche’s focus on an advanced powertrain has yielded impressive results. The Taycan boasts a new rear-axle motor with an additional 80 kW, a modified pulse inverter, powerful batteries, and sophisticated thermal management. Recuperation capacity during deceleration has seen a substantial increase, exceeding 30%.

Adaptive air suspension is now a standard feature across all Taycan models, with an optional addition of Porsche Active Ride suspension for all-wheel drive variants. Despite shedding up to 15 kg in weight, the models come laden with an expanded set of standard features, delivering a nuanced blend of lightweight design and feature richness.

Inside & Pricing

The driver experience has undergone a notable upgrade, presenting an enriched display and control interface. Porsche have expanded standard features for a more encompassing driving experience.

Pricing for the revamped Taycan lineup ranges from £86,500 to £162,500 RRP, providing a diverse spectrum for consumers.

Kevin Giek, Vice President Taycan Product Line, stated:

“We ushered in the new era of e-mobility with the Taycan at the end of 2019. It immediately proved to be a game changer and innovative pioneer in the e-vehicle segment.”

This overhaul of the Taycan lineup underscores Porsche’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric sports cars. As the world of emobility grows, as must the world of luxury and performance vehicles. Porsche claims over 150,000 Taycans have been sold so far, it seems that number is only going to rise.

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