The new Vauxhall Frontera: A new SUV pushing the manufacturer towards a fully electric line-up

  • Vauxhall introduces the all-new Frontera, blending rugged design with eco-friendly power options.
  • Innovative interior features include dual widescreen displays and ergonomically designed seats.
  • The Frontera offers ample cargo space, choice of powertrains, and advanced connectivity options.

The Vauxhall Frontera is the latest step in the company’s electrification drive

Vauxhall has unveiled its latest electric offering: the Frontera SUV. Customers now have the option to choose between a Battery-electric version or efficient 48-volt hybrid powertrains.

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James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said:

“With its combination of rugged design, spaciousness, clever solutions and efficient powertrains, our new Vauxhall Frontera will appeal to a wide range of customers who want to stand out from the crowd. It is ideally suited to the urban and sub-urban environment with a fully electric version available from launch.”

At the forefront of the design is the Vauxhall Vizor, seamlessly integrating Eco LED headlamps with automatic high beam functionality. Inside the cabin, the focus is on comfort and convenience. 

Dual widescreen displays offer intuitive access to vehicle information and multimedia functions, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout the journey. Moreover, the front seats feature a specialised ergonomic design. This includes the patented Intelli-Seat for tailbone pressure relief during extended periods of travel.

Practicality is paramount in the SUV market.

Space utilisation is where the new Vauxhall Frontera shines. With rear seats folded down, it offers an impressive 1,600 litres of luggage space. For those requiring additional carrying capacity, optional functional roof rails increase the load capacity to over 200kg. 

The EV offers wireless charging and phone projection capabilities, simplifying device charging and connectivity for occupants. Multiple USB ports in the front and rear ensure ample charging options.

The introduction of the battery-electric Frontera is a major step towards Vauxhall’s electrification efforts. With plans to offer a fully electric version of every model by the end of 2024, Vauxhall is pushing the future of emobility.

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