The Mullen Five RS: An upcoming Californian super-powered SUV 

  • The Mullen Five RS, unveiled at CES 2024, targets Tesla’s league with 1,000+ hp and 200+ mph speed.
  • Production in 2025; Mullen expands into commercial EVs after acquiring Bollinger in 2022.
  • Five RS showcases Mullen’s ambition beyond consumers, entering the high-performance and commercial EV markets.

The Mullen Five RS is changing the game in high performance electric SUVs

A newcomer is making headlines in the EV scene — Mullen, a California-based startup. Unveiled at the 2024 CES, the Mullen Five RS is a contender against established names like Tesla’s Plaid models.

The Five RS is a substantial upgrade from Mullen’s previous offerings. It’s outpaces its predecessors in terms of performance, design, and technology. Featuring a dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain, this EV claims a formidable 1,000+ horsepower and a top speed surpassing 200 mph. It’s a noteworthy feat, placing the vehicle in the high-performance echelon typically occupied by supercars.

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How has Mullen pulled it off?

A pivotal component of the Five RS’s remarkable performance is its 2-speed gearbox. This is a key factor in reaching the targeted top speed and achieving impressive braking capabilities. With Brembo brake calipers gripping carbon-ceramic discs, the braking system ensures optimal stopping power, enhancing safety.

Inside the Five RS, drivers will find an AI-powered voice assistant with facial recognition technology. Although specific platform details remain undisclosed, Mullen assures potential buyers of an 800-volt electrical architecture and a 100 kWh battery capacity. This technology facilitates a rapid 10-80% charge time of just 21 minutes with a 300-mile range on a full charge.

Pricing details are yet to be fully transparent, but Mullen’s CEO, David Michery, hinted at a starting price of $295,000 during the CES presentation. This price point positions the Five RS in the upper tier of the EV market, a significant leap from the regular Five’s more modest $55,000 target.

Scheduled to commence production in 2025 at a facility in Mishawaka, Indiana, the Five RS represents a strategic move for Mullen. The company is currently accepting reservations, marking a step toward broader ambitions that include a rebranded version of the Qiantu K50 (the GT) and a minicar named the Go.

Beyond the Five RS, Mullen is actively engaged in the commercial EV sector, offering electric vans and trucks. Following the 2022 acquisition of Bollinger, the company plans to introduce electric trucks under the Bollinger label. Meanwhile, the Mullen Five RS is poised to reshape perceptions of American-made EVs.

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