The Mobilize PowerBox, a step forward in EV charging technology

  • Mobilize PowerBox starts production at LACROIX’s Symbiose plant, a leap in EV charging tech.
  • Software République and IoTecha Corp collaborate on Mobilize PowerBox for grid-friendly charging.
  • Bidirectional charging station, available in four versions with integrated cybersecurity features.

The Mobilize PowerBox bidirectional charging unit begins production at LACROIX’s Symbiose plant

The Mobilize PowerBox is an advanced bidirectional charging station for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The new unit has commenced production at LACROIX’s Symbiose electronics plant in Beaupréau-en-Mauges, France. This signifies a significant stride in the evolution of electric vehicle charging technology.

The collaborative effort of Software République members—Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics, and Thales—alongside technology partner IoTecha Corp has given rise to the Mobilize PowerBox. Its bidirectional functionality (V2G) not only charges vehicles but also allows users to inject excess electricity back into the grid. This dual capability is positioned as a potential game-changer in intelligent electricity grid management.

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The Mobilize PowerBox, available in four distinct versions, will cater to a spectrum of user requirements. The “My PowerBox” app, designed for remote load control and monitoring, adds a layer of user-friendly accessibility to the overall experience.

Production kicks off today at the LACROIX Symbiose plant

LACROIX, renowned for its expertise in connected solutions, is spearheading the manufacturing efforts at the Symbiose plant. The plant, with its new production line and Industry 4.0 strategy, can currently produce 65,000 units annually. Its strategic location in Beaupréau-en-Mauges aligns with broader industry efforts to bring electronics manufacturing back to the UK.

The collaborative synergy within the Software République ecosystem has resulted in a charging station prioritizing cybersecurity and cutting-edge technology. The collective strengths of each partner have played a pivotal role in creating a technologically advanced product.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into diverse electrical installations, the Mobilize PowerBox offers adaptability to single or three-phase systems, both indoors and outdoors. Its dynamic energy management system ensures a nuanced approach to power consumption, preventing household disruptions during charging sessions.

The Mobilize PowerBox’s four versions—UNO, UNO PLUS, UNO PRO, and VERSO—address a variety of user needs. The VERSO version, specifically, opens the door for users not only to charge their vehicles but also to contribute excess electricity back to the grid, promising potential cost savings.

As part of the Renault network, Mobilize Power Solutions will facilitate the distribution of Mobilize PowerBox. That positions it as an integral player in the evolving landscape of emobility. The industrial launch of Mobilize PowerBox at the Symbiose electronics plant marks a turning point in the EV charging sector. As more advanced charge points hit the market day by day, we enter a new age of charging convenience.

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