The EV SUMMIT 2023: Key Takeaways from Day One

  • The first day of the EV SUMMIT 2023 saw a variety of heavyweight speakers from the from the EV world including Tesla, Shell and Auto Trader giving unique insights into the EV landscape and where we our headed on the road to net zero.
  • One of the key themes to emerge was that of a need for simplicity throughout the EV ecosystem for all users.
  • Another key theme was the need for education, with emphasis on combatting the FUD coming from certain parts of the media landscape.
  • Educational resources need to explain all the benefits of EV ownership and what’s required in daily living.

Catch up with our key takeaways from day one of the EV SUMMIT 2023

We kicked off the first day of the EV SUMMIT with an incredible array of speakers coming from industry heavyweights such as Tesla, Charge UK, Shell, the EV Network and Auto Trader to name just a few. The partners discussed a wide range of EV topics from fleets to ecosystems.

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Whilst there are many challenges ahead one of the key requirements for all participants is a need for simplicity. At the start of their EV journey, prospective EV owners and operators need simplicity in the buying journey. There’s a desire to see more bundled offerings that don’t just provide the car alongside other key components such as home or fleet depot charging. One key area is the vehicle as a service ecosystem with the likes of Mobilize supporting those transitioning into the world of electric with everything provided to the EV driver in one simple proposition.

We need simplicity in both ownership and the charging processes. Drivers don’t want to have a complicated array of apps. Simplicity in charging can happen through standardisation. That can be achieved through a single app or simple and clear payment on the charge point. Even those full-time professional drivers want simplicity and when it comes to heavy haulage, making sure the simplicity exists for charging is critical particularly as charging isn’t measured in kilowatts but in megawatts. Tim Campbell at Campbell Consultancy explained how the heavy haulage manufacturers are coming together to build out the infrastructure for heavy haulage to make it simpler for fleet operators working the space.

Another major theme was for clearer information on EV adoption to combat the tide of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). FUD has come from various parts of the media and, in some cases, caused by the government’s shift in the 2030 ban on the sale of new internal combustion engine cars. Research from Auto Trader shows that 7 in 10 people in the UK don’t realise the ban only applies to new car sales. 37% say they’re unlikely to ever buy an EV! However, those never EV’ers will be paying a premium for their ICE car in the long run as currently, EV owners are saving £153 on fuel for every 1000 miles they drive compared to if they were driving an ICE car.

To make the move though they need a trusted source of information, according to multiple speakers. Lauren Pamma at Green Finance Institute said those looking at EV need independently provided truths on EV charging at home and in public. It was clear there’s a need for more information across the board. Speakers referenced retailers not providing EV buyers with enough information. Sometimes, this is down to the retailers themselves needing to have more information in the first instance.

It’s not just new buyers that require more resources. Michael Oates from Tesla pointed out that, with the growth in used EVs, we need to educate the same car owners again as they try their first used EV. We need to be able to give them confidence in all parts of the used EV and that the battery is going to last.

For commercial fleet operators having the data is a key part of that education. Hotze Veldhuis at Riverford Organic Farmers stated that fleet operators need to know that the range is going to work for the fleet’s use case. Fleet operators need to establish what’s required to install chargers on-site before they can consider EVs. Everyone in the fleet needs to understand the EV, from the fleet manager to the driver.

Day One made it clear that EV adoption is well on the way in the UK. However, for us to move forward from our early adopters into the early mass-market, everyone in the EV industry needs to push for simplification within the industry and educate those who haven’t already switched on the benefits and true reality of living and driving a EV.

The EV SUMMIT continues today (31st October) with more fantastic speakers, panels, and sessions. Join Day Two of the EV SUMMIT 2023 online today.

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