The classic Opel Manta is back as the Manta GSe ElektroMOD electric car

The classic Opel Manta is back, only this time it’s back as a zero-emissions electric car. Designed to celebrate its 50th birthday, the new Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD combines classic appearance of a style icon with state-of-the-art technology for sustainable motoring. The new Manta is future-proof with its electric powertrain, is emissions-free and will win the hearts of many 70s and 80s drivers.

Michael Lohscheller, Opel CEO, said: “The Manta GSe impressively demonstrates the enthusiasm with which we build cars at Opel. It combines our great Opel tradition with today’s commitment to emissions-free mobility for a very desirable, sustainable future. Opel is already electric with many models and now the legendary Manta is too.”

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The battery-electric Manta is as sporty as a genuine Opel GSe and proudly displays its ambitions in its name ElektroMOD. MOD stands for change, for technical and stylistic MODifications as well as a MODern sustainable lifestyle. The ‘e’ in GSe now stands for electrification.

The modern Manta features an impressive 108 kW/147hp electric power motor that’s powered by a 31kWh battery. This offers a range of around 124 miles (200km). As with the production Opel Corsa-e and Opel Mokka-e, the Manta GSe can also recover braking energy and store it in the battery.

Charging takes place via a 9.0 kW on-board charger for single-phase and three-phase AC charging. This means it takes just under four hours to fully charge the Manta battery.

The neon yellow paintwork matches the recently updated Opel CI and frames the contrasting black bonnet. The wheel arches house specially designed 17-inch light alloy wheels from Ronal, with 195/40 R17 tyres at the front and 205/40 R17 at the rear.

Inside, the classic round instruments are replaced by modern digital technology and displays. It features 12 and 10-inch widescreens that show important information about the car such as charge status and range. Music comes via a Bluetooth box from the legendary amplifier brand Marshall.

It’s also equipped with sports seats and a Petri three-spoke steering wheel reworked by Opel. The styling of the seventies has been retained but delivered in a package perfect for modern driving.

Unfortunately, Opel doesn’t have plans to offer the Manta GSe ElektroMOD for sale. They said it was a project that proves electric driving can be fun. While this is a shame, there are several companies, including Electrogenic, that fit zero-emissions electric powertrains to classic internal combustion engine cars.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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