The Bo M: The most advanced electric scooter yet?

  • Bo introduces Bo M, an advanced electric scooter for city riders.
  • The Bo M features cutting-edge technology, offering a smooth and stable ride.
  • This highlights the rising significance of electric scooters for urban mobility.

Bo have been designing the Bo M since 2022 with the aim of revolutionizing the electric scooter world

Bo, an-and-coming micro emobility innovator, reveals specifications for the highly-anticipated Bo M. This remarkable electric scooter promises to redefine the city riding experience.

This unveiling marks the culmination of a rigorous development journey, which began with the Bo M’s initial announcement in 2022. Bo’s founders are a Jaguar Land Rover designer and a former Williams F1 engineer, some impressive credentials that scream ingenuity. 

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Bo’s commitment to innovation is evident in the Bo M’s standout features. It harnesses the unique Bo Safesteer™ technology, designed to optimize control and rider confidence. Safesteer™ is a pioneering dynamic steering stabilisation system integrated seamlessly into the Bo chassis. This promises optimal comfort and control even over uneven terrains.

The vehicle’s one-piece Monocurve chassis combines function with aesthetics. The wider handlebar, extended wheelbase, and precise steering angle optimize stability and ergonomics, enhancing the riding experience further. Bo’s unique Lock and Load system means that their electric scooter can carry two bags on hooks which also double as locking points.  

Bo’s co-founder and CEO, Oscar Morgan, said:

“Moving to production is a momentous moment for our company. The entire Bo team has worked tirelessly with a common aim; to create a product that will consistently delight our riders. The team has been focused on developing game-changing features, like our Monocurve chassis with integrated Lock and Load hooks, and safety enhancements such as Safesteer™, whilst using our experience in automotive design to build visually exciting vehicles people feel proud to own and ride. We are excited to see the culmination of these efforts within the Bo M and I cannot wait for our first riders to take delivery of their M later this year”.

Moreover, Bo M boasts a robust powertrain featuring a high-torque motor capable of a top speed of 35 km/h and a remarkable range of 50 km. This performance specification ensures that riders can confidently navigate even the most challenging urban terrains.

The significance of Bo’s achievement extends beyond a single vehicle. It underscores the growing importance of electric scooters as accessible urban mobility tools, offering an environmentally friendly and efficient solution for city commuters. Bo’s commitment to simplicity and functionality aligns with the broader trend of prioritizing sustainability and ease of use in urban transportation.

The Bo M enters production and the first pre-order deliveries will roll out in November. With Bo at the forefront of electric scooter innovation, this is just the beginning of a new era in accessible and eco-friendly city commuting.

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