The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X: The high-tech, electric sports activity vehicle 

  • BMW unveils BMW Vision Neue Klasse X, a glimpse into the future of electric SAVs.
  • Innovative drive and chassis control promise superior driving experience.
  • Sustainable materials, advanced technology, and enhanced efficiency redefine BMW’s vision for emobility.

BMW unveils the Vision Neue Klasse X electric sports activity vehicle, for production next year

BMW has unveiled its latest venture into electric vehicle innovation with the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X. This vision provides a tantalising glimpse into the forthcoming Neue Klasse X as a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). It will begin series production at the BMW Group’s Plant Debrecen in Hungary by 2025.

Design and interior

Design-wise, the Neue Klasse X two-box design prioritises spaciousness and efficiency. Coupled with augmented ground clearance, this EV boasts an expansive interior characterised by generous window areas and a panoramic glass roof. Notably, the utilisation of resource-saving materials like the plant-based “Verdana” in the interior boosts the BMW’s interior style.

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This high-tech EV offers features such as advanced BMW iDrive and a personalised sound experience courtesy of HYPERSONX WHEEL. The revamped steering wheel, Central Display, and BMW Panoramic Vision are intuitive driving conduits.

Performance and range

Central to the Neue Klasse X is an innovative drive and chassis control system, developed in-house by the BMW Group. This system, underpinned by a new software stack, delivers a bespoke driving experience tailored to individual needs. Bolstered by the introduction of four new super-brains, the Neue Klasse X offers heightened dynamic performance and efficiency.

The Neue Klasse X shows off the sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology. It ushers in improvements in efficiency and range. Equipped with new round lithium-ion battery cells and an 800-volt system. Charging speed sees a remarkable upsurge of up to 30%. This enables a 300-kilometre range to be achieved in a mere ten minutes. 

Furthermore, aerodynamic enhancements contribute to a 20% reduction in drag compared to current models. Novel tyre designs and an EV specialised brake system bolster overall efficiency by up to 25%.

BMW is committed to curtailing its carbon footprint through resource-efficient production and supply chain practices. Materials like maritime plastics, sourced from discarded fishing nets, find application in injection-moulded parts. Meanwhile, the adoption of mono-materials for components enhances recyclability. This is coupled with its upcoming production at its decarbonisation friendly Hungarian plant. 

The unveiling of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X represents a pivotal stride in BMW’s vision for the future. It marries cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices to redefine the driving landscape for the modern era. With the recent announcement of Maserati’s luxury EV SUV, and the more budget-appealing Peugeot E-5008, where will this high-end EV sit in the next-gen line-up of electric SUVs?

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