Test drive the latest EVs at EV LIVE at Blenheim Palace this July

EV LIVE at Blenheim Palace is just around the corner. 

Billed as ‘the EV event of the summer’, EV LIVE, in partnership with Auto Trader, will bring a wide range of electric vehicles (EVs) to the historic grounds of Blenheim Palace on the 7-9th of July.

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The most exciting aspect of the event is the chance to test drive the EV models on display. Test drives last 30 minutes and participants will be taken through the Blenheim grounds and out into the Oxfordshire countryside. 

So, what models are available for test drives?


This fully electric SUV showcases cutting-edge EV technology, prioritising safety and efficiency, accompanied by a selection of standard features for UK consumers. 

The BYD ATTO 3 received a Five-Star rating at the Euro NCAP Safety Tests thanks to its innovative build platform and blade battery technology.

BYD are the largest EV manufacturer in the world, already having sold 3.5 million cars in China. The ATTO 3 is BYD’s first entrance to the UK, but its pricing, advanced features, and performance are already making a splash. 

Price from: £36,490

WLTP combined electric range: 260mi

Charge time (10-80%), Public High-Speed Chargers: 39 min

Top Speed: 99mph

Cargo Volume: 440 L


The BMW iX1 is BMW’s new all-electric entrance into the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) segment. It combines the experience of locally emission-free driving with the versatility and premium characteristics of the BMW X1 model.

Representing the premium end of the EV spectrum, the iX1 is powered by cutting-edge 5th Generation BMW eDrive technology and an all-electric all-wheel drive system.

Price from: £53,295

WLTP combined electric range: 270mi

Charge time (10-80%),  Public High-Speed Chargers: 29 min

Top Speed: 111.8 mph

Cargo Volume: 490 L

Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Mustang Mach-E is Ford’s first all-electric vehicle, combining the performance of the Mustang with sustainable technology. 

It offers rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models and features advanced comfort and driver assistance technologies. Its DC high-power charging capability means you’ll be able to recharge 56 miles of range in just 10 minutes at a high-power charging station.

Price from: £50,830

WLTP combined electric range: 273mi

Charge time (10-80%),  Public High-Speed Chargers: 45 min

Top Speed: 114 mph

Cargo Volume: 402 L

Mercedes EQA

The EQA is Mercedes’ entry-level model in their all-electric lineup. Equipped with a range of smart assists, it offers accident avoidance, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Speed Limit Assist and Navigation with Electric Intelligence. 

Mercedes’ MBUX Interior Assistant and full multimedia set-up make the driving experience as modern as the car itself.

Price from: £51,150

WLTP combined electric range: 324mi

Charge time (10-80%), Public High-Speed Chargers: 32 min

Top Speed: 99 mph

Cargo Volume: 340 L

GWM ORA Funky Cat

The ORA Funky Cat has been recognized as the ‘Best Urban Electric Car’ at the 2023 DrivingElectric Awards, thanks to its unique personality, spacious interior, and enjoyable driving experience. 

The Funky Cat has been praised for its roomy interior and stable ride. Despite being a more affordable EV option, the Funky Cat still offers a good combined range, and plenty of modern features, including adaptive cruise control and 360-degree cameras.

Price from: £31,995

WLTP combined electric range: 193 miles

Charge time (15-80%), Public High-Speed Chargers: 42 min

Top Speed: 99 mph

Cargo Volume: 228 L

Hyundai Ioniq 6

The Hyundai IONIQ 6 has been honoured with the World Car of the Year 2023, World Electric Vehicle 2023, and World Car Design of the Year awards at the New York International Auto Show 2023. It also recently took home the Erin Baker Award at Auto Trader’s New Car Awards 2023.

The IONIQ 6 takes advantage of Hyundai’s bespoke Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) architecture to create a spacious interior with advanced connectivity, along with driver assistance systems.

Price from: £31,995

WLTP-rated range: 381 mi

Charge time (10-80%), Public High-Speed Chargers: 18 minutes

Top Speed: 115 mph

Cargo Volume: 401 L

Nissan Ariya

The Nissan Ariya is an electric family SUV featuring a modern interior with two large digital displays and comfortable seating. The Ariya is available in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants with two battery sizes: 63 kWh and 87 kWh. 

As the Auto Express Car of the Year 2022, the Ariya has become a familiar name in both the EV sector, and across the family car market.

Price from: £46,145

WLTP-rated range: 329 mi

Charge time (10-80%), Public High-Speed Chargers: 35 minutes

Top Speed: 124 mph

Cargo Volume: 408 L

Peugeot e-208

The new Peugeot e-208 is an electric supermini that shares its design with the combustion-engined 208.

The integration of the battery does not compromise the cabin and boot space, which means the e-208 remains a compact and lightweight choice. The e-208 offers an appealing blend of range, performance, and style in the electric supermini category.

Price from: £46,145

WLTP-rated range: 217 mi

Charge time (10-80%), Public High-Speed Chargers: Approximately 30 minutes

Top Speed: 93 mph

Cargo Volume: 311 L

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is a trailblazing EV. Having won multiple Car of the Year Awards, amongst other accolades such as the Best Car for Long Distances at the Auto Trader New Car Awards 2023.

Model 3 drivers have access to Tesla supercharging club, which effectively addresses range anxiety by providing real-time charging availability and estimated charging times. Alongside its spacious interior and seating for five, the Model 3 offers a compelling ownership experience for any driver.

Price from: £42,000

WLTP-rated range: 374 mi

Charge time (10-80%), Public High-Speed Chargers: 25 minutes

Top Speed: 155 mph

Cargo Volume: 425 L

This is just a selection of the cutting-edge EVs that will be available to test drive at EV LIVE at Blenheim Palace. 

Follow this link to view the full list, and to book a test drive for yourself. 

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