A Ford EV with a Tesla Plug?

  • Tesla partners with Ford to expand access to the Supercharger network, with Ford providing adapters to its drivers.
  • Ford EV owners will have access to over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers across North America, providing convenience and flexibility for fast-charging.
  • Ford plans to equip its EV models with the NACS connector starting in 2025, eliminating the need for a Tesla adapter.

Tesla partners with Ford to expand access to their Supercharger network.

A Ford F-150 Lightning using the Tesla Supercharger network

This collaboration will offer Ford EV drivers greater convenience and flexibility when it comes to fast-charging their vehicles. They will now have access to over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers across the United States and Canada.

Previously, Tesla began opening its Supercharger network to non-Tesla EVs through the “Magic Dock” adapter. However, availability was limited to specific charging stations equipped with the technology.

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Now, Ford has announced that its EV owners will have full access to the complete Tesla Supercharger network. They will receive a specially designed adapter directly from Ford, ensuring seamless integration with the Supercharger network for convenient charging experiences.

Beginning in 2025, Ford plans to equip its EV models with the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector. This will eliminate the need for an adapter to access Tesla Superchargers.

Ford’s BlueOval Charge Network already boasts over 10,000 DC fast-chargers as part of its charging infrastructure. The combination of these networks creates the largest integrated fast-charging network in North America.

This partnership between Ford and Tesla marks a significant milestone in the EV industry. It demonstrates collaboration and innovation in expanding charging infrastructure and promoting sustainable transportation.

This major collaboration could have a significant impact on the EV charging industry. Many EV drivers, or potential EV drivers, comment that charging is overcomplicated and confusing. Charging stations using different payment cards, apps, and adapters could be a thing of the past as we see huge EV infrastructure suppliers merging simply for the convenience of their drivers.

“This is great news for our customers who will have unprecedented access to the largest network of fast-chargers in the U.S. and Canada with 12,000+ Tesla Superchargers plus 10,000+ fast-chargers already in the BlueOval Charge Network. Widespread access to fast-charging is absolutely vital to our growth as an EV brand, and this breakthrough agreement comes as we are ramping up production of our popular Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning, and preparing to launch a series of next-generation EVs starting in 2025.”

Jim Farley, President & CEO, Ford

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