Tesla opens up its North American Supercharger network to Ford EV drivers

  • Tesla opened up its Superchargers across the US and Canada to owners of Ford’s Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning models this week, with owners able to order a fast charging adaptor free of charge from Ford.
  • With more upcoming EVs in North America adding Tesla’s NACS charging port from the factory, the accessibility of the Supercharger network is set to expand even further.
  • With access to over 15,000 more rapid chargers, it’s a massive benefit to Ford EV owners on long-distance travels – but it hasn’t all been plain sailing.

How have Ford EV owners been finding the Tesla Supercharger network?

Tech YouTuber JerryRigEverything shared his experience of using the network with his F-150 Lightning, and was able to nearly max out the Lightning’s maximum 155kW charging speed. However, the vast majority of Tesla’s North American network consists of V3 Superchargers, which were originally designed with Tesla vehicles in mind. The short cable works fine with the positioning of Tesla charge ports, but with the positioning of the port on the F-150, you’ll have to park over two bays in many cases – something which Tesla itself has said is acceptable, in its app.

However, the issue won’t be a problem forever – V4 Superchargers, which continue to be rolled out, have much longer cables which solves this issue. That comes at a good time, as the usage of Tesla’s Supercharging network is set to skyrocket with the majority of EVs on sale after 2025 set to have NACS compatibility. Ford EV drivers will want to take advantage of the free adaptor offer soon however – after June, the deal will end, and the adaptor will set you back $230.

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