Tesla opens new world’s largest electric car Supercharger station in Shanghai

Tesla has just opened its largest Supercharger station on the planet with 72 charging stalls in Shanghai, China. This beats its previous largest Supercharger station with 52 stalls that was located in Firebaugh, California in the US that we reported on last month.

This news comes soon after Telsa announced its 20,000th DC fast charging Supercharging stall back in early November. Tesla has done an impressive job of rolling out its charge stations around the globe allowing Tesla owners endless happy emission-free miles.

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Tesla’s fast-charging Supercharger network around the globe has become a benchmark for electric mobility. This vast network allows Tesla drivers to cover long distances with the peace of mind that there is a fast charger to keep them on the road without any long charging delays.

Telsa’s new charging station is located at Shanghai’s Jing’an International Center in the centre of the city. The 72 stalls here have a power capacity of 120 kWh, so they are not as powerful as the world’s previous largest station at Firebaugh that feature Telsa’s super fast V3 250 kWh chargers.

Photos courtesy of Jay in Shanghai from his Twitter account @JayinShanghai

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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