Tesla launches latest V4 Superchargers in the UK

  • The fourth generation of Tesla superchargers have begun arriving in the UK, after launching in several European countries earlier this year.
  • With a Combined Charging System (CCS) plug, the chargepoints will also be open to drivers of electric cars from other manufacturers.
  • The first for the country has opened within London, and is one of just a few in Europe – for now.

Tesla supercharging network set to open up to all EVs

Tesla’s latest, fourth-generation superchargers have now reached the UK, with the first opening at its Tesla Centre Tottenham, in London. This follows a launch of only several in Europe, earlier this year. Meanwhile, Tesla’s home continent of North America is yet to receive V4 Superchargers.

The updated models will significantly boost the charging infrastructure within the country. Unlike the 1,100-plus Superchargers already in place around the UK, these V4 points will have CCS compatibility, and contactless payment options – which is not a surprise considering that both the EU and the UK will bring in rules mandating a contactless option on chargers in the coming years.

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These two features will allow users of all electric vehicles, not just Teslas, to take advantage of the ultra-fast charging points. These will charge at a maximum 250kW at launch, though these new chargepoints are capable of up to 350kW charge speeds. The addition of extra ultra-rapid chargers for all is great news for EV adoption ahead of the proposed 2030 petrol and diesel mandate.

Tesla is similarly opening up its charging points in North America for all to use. Ford has already launched an agreement with the manufacturer to use Superchargers with the use of an adaptor, but with Ford and others switching to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), this process will become even more seamless.

How will the V4 Supercharger network grow in the country?

Tesla notes that several of its existing Supercharger locations will be upgraded to its V4 standard in the future. Plus, from 2024, the majority of its new installations will use V4 Superchargers.

Reacting to the news, Decarbonisation Minister Jesse Norman said:

“Electric vehicles are a key part of the UK’s transition to a prosperous green economy. I am delighted that Tesla are investing in EV charging and infrastructure that will benefit all EV drivers through its new public rapid charging hub.

“The Government is making it easier than ever to own an electric vehicle, most recently by introducing new regulations to improve the ease of charging an EV, but it is private investment that will ultimately make the difference.”

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