Tesla has record final quarter in 2020 selling 180,000 electric cars

Tesla have released car production and delivery figures for the final quarter of 2020. The US electric car brand delivered a record quarter with 180,000 vehicles. This beat the company’s previous record quarter by an impressive 40,000, which is even more impressive considering the world-wide pandemic.

The company barely missed its goal of building and delivering half million cars during 2020, which was set five years ago by Elon Musk, Tesla CEO. Based on the figures for the previous three quarters of the year Tesla needed to produce around 170,000 cars and deliver around 180,000.

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During the final quarter Tesla produced 16,097 Model S and Model X cars and delivered 18,920, while it produced 163,660 Model 3 and Model Y cars, and delivered 161,650 of these two models. This gave a total production figure of 179,757 and total delivery of 180,570, meaning that Telsa missed their delivery figure by less than 500 cars.

While Tesla barely missed their goal it’s still huge victory with the company. They  increased production 71 percent compared to 2019, and increased delivery by 61 percent over the previous year. This is not only a good thing for Tesla but shows that the appetite for electric cars is increasing, which can only be a good thing for a cleaner more sustainable planet.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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