Technology sector leads in fleet sustainability for third year

  • ALD Automotive | LeasePlan releases Fleet Sustainability Ranking by Industry report
  • Technology sector leads rankings for third year, excelling in key categories
  • Significant growth in BEV adoption reduces CO2 emissions; Technology sector shows largest reduction

ALD Automotive | LeasePlan unveils its latest report: the Fleet Sustainability Ranking by Industry

The report delves into the sustainable practices of eight different industry fleets across 22 European countries. 

For the third year running, the Technology sector has dominated the rankings. The sector secured its place in the top three for four critical categories: diesel share, battery electric vehicle (BEV) share, hybrid and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) share, and CO2 emissions levels.

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What’s remarkable is the significant surge in BEV adoption. Every industry witnessed a doubling of market share over the last two years. This shift has been pivotal in reducing average CO2 emissions across the board. A significant transformation in vehicle choices emerges as businesses switch out diesel vehicles on a large scale for BEVs, PHEVs, and hybrids.

The comprehensive report by ALD Automotive | LeasePlan covers a broad range of sectors, as listed:

  • Technology
  • Financial & Professional Services 
  • Energy & Chemicals
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Construction
  • Healthcare & Pharma

Ranking factors encompass diesel share, BEV share, hybrid and PHEV share, and average CO2 emissions. 

The Technology sector has demonstrated consistent leadership

The sector showcases the lowest CO2 emissions and diesel share, coupled with a notable BEV, hybrid, and PHEV presence.

One significant revelation is the exponential growth in BEV adoption across industries. The Energy & Chemicals sector notably emphasizes this, with a remarkable 27.2% of vehicles now being fully electric. Momentum for PHEVs and hybrids has stabilised across sectors, while the share of diesel has been reduced by half. Impressively, average CO2 emissions have dwindled across all sectors, with the Technology sector marking the most substantial reduction.

The ranking lineup for 2023 stands as follows: Technology, Financial & Professional Services, Energy & Chemicals, Industrial, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Construction, and Healthcare & Pharma.

As an EV100 founding member, ALD Automotive | LeasePlan is resolute in propelling electric driving across sectors. The report highlights the remarkable progress made in the past two years, aiming to inspire businesses to commit further to the cause of a greener planet.

“It’s encouraging to see such healthy progress being made across Europe as businesses come together to tackle the climate crisis and industry-related carbon emissions. I would particularly like to commend those working within the Technology Industry for stepping onto the global stage as a leading player in decarbonising fleet emissions through EV adoption. 

“As an EV100 founding member, ALD Automotive | LeasePlan is committed to accelerating the rollout of electric driving across all industries. It is our mission to support all fleet-operating businesses with their transition towards more sustainable mobility solutions. We hope that by shining a spotlight on all the hard work that’s taken place over the past two years within our industries, we can inspire every business to commit to more ambitious progress in the name of our precious planet.”

Alfonso Martinez, UK Managing Director at ALD | LeasePlan

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