Tata’s £4 billion gigafactory positions Somerset at the forefront of the UK’s EV revolution

  • Tata’s £4 billion Agratas battery gigafactory in Bridgwater makes Somerset a key player in EV battery production.
  • Gigafactory to create 4,000 jobs, boost green energy, and spur regional economic growth.
  • Somerset Council plans strategic 5-year investments, targeting operational status in the latter half of the decade.

Tata’s massive gigafactory will create jobs, drive green energy, and spark regional economic growth

Tata has selected Bridgwater in Somerset for its new £4 billion battery factory under the business name Agratas. The move positions the region as a potential giant in electric vehicle (EV) battery production.

Agratas plans to erect a gigafactory at the Gravity Smart Campus site in Puriton, near Bridgwater. This marks a pivotal stride in the UK’s green energy revolution. The £4 billion investment is set to yield approximately 4,000 jobs, with further opportunities sprouting in the supply chain. Somerset Council views this initiative as a linchpin for considerable economic growth and job creation, both at the countywide and regional levels.

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Councillor Bill Revans conveyed his enthusiasm:

“This is momentous for the County, its economy and for future generations. It’s about seizing an incredible opportunity to be at the heart of the UK’s green energy industry that will create thousands of highly-skilled, well-paid, green jobs.

Agratas’ huge investment in the County has the potential to transform the local and regional economy.

Together with Hinkley Point C and businesses like Leonardo, it shows that modern Somerset is leading the way in exciting, high-tech industry and puts us firmly on the international trade map.

We are committed to making this work for Somerset, its residents and our business community. We know how to deliver significant projects and work with communities to maximise the benefits of investment into our County.”

The gigafactory will be operational in the latter half of the decade, producing 40GWh of battery cells annually. That’s enough to power around 500,000 passenger vehicles. Upon full functionality, it will become Britain’s largest battery factory and one of the largest in Europe.

To ensure Somerset maximises benefits, the Council plans to invest in infrastructure, skills, site access, and connectivity over the next five years. Funding will be sourced from Business Rates generated by the factory. The Council and the Government are finalising an ‘in principle’ agreement. This will support the project without incurring extra costs or adversely affecting finances.

The Corporate and Resources Scrutiny committee will review plans on March 7, 2024. The final decisions will be made by the Executive on March 12. 

Councillor Ros Wyke, Somerset Council’s Executive Lead Member, underscored the project’s significance: 

“This a very important day for the British car industry and our vision for Somerset. This puts Somerset on the map and sets out a bright future for our residents.

This investment will create thousands of skilled jobs in the green power industry that will bring a myriad of economic benefits to the County.

Agratas and the Council will be working with local colleges to deliver the comprehensive workforce and skills solution, including strategic links to other training and academic institutions, to help deliver the specialist skills needed for this project, and to maximise the opportunities for local people and businesses.”

Tata’s Agratas battery factory emerges as a crucial development for the UK’s automotive industry. It pushes the nation towards emobility and secures thousands of jobs.

Agratas CEO Tom Flack, commented:

“Our multi-billion-pound investment will bring state-of-the-art technology to Somerset, helping to supercharge Britian’s transition to electric mobility whilst creating thousands of jobs in the process.

We care deeply about the communities we operate in, so it’s imperative to us that we work with, and listen to, our new neighbours as we build our factory in Somerset.

That’s why we’ll be holding an event for local residents very soon, so we can share more about our plans and introduce our team to the community.”

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