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British Attitudes Towards Sustainability in 2024: YouGov’s survey places Tesla at the top

Tesla is recognised as a top sustainable automaker by Britons, especially the 'Planet Protectors', in new YouGov survey.Only 42% of British consumers somewhat trust sustainability logos, with just 4% expressing complete trust.Financial concerns influence...

NFDA’s Winter 2024 Dealer Attitude Survey: 2,321 dealerships give their opinions on the UK’s emobility market

NFDA's Winter 2024 Dealer Attitude Survey reveals insights on EV landscape from 2,321 dealerships.Concerns over manufacturer support for EV infrastructure and costs persist.Kia leads in dealer satisfaction, while Seat lags, highlighting areas for improvement.The...

Over 90% of EV drivers are satisfied with their vehicles, according to Tusker Survey

Tusker's Salary Sacrifice Report reveals over 90% satisfaction among EV drivers.Affordability and driving experience drive the shift to electric vehicles.Despite satisfaction, 62% of drivers desire improvements in the public charging infrastructure.Tusker’s Salary Sacrifice Report...

Zap-Map annual survey finds high satisfaction among electric vehicle (EV) drivers in the UK

Survey finds the majority of drivers (93%) continue to charge at the UK’s public charging networks

With rising fuel costs 40 percent of 18-24 year olds considering switching to electric vehicles (EVs)

Study by Hyundai in the UK reveals top barriers to people embracing greener habits

Electric cars overtake petrol vehicles as car buyers’ next intended purchase for the first time

Autovia reveals clearest evidence yet of breakthrough in mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK

Survey finds a big difference in the make and model searches between the electric vehicle (EV) curious and serious buyers

BuyaCar finds Volkswagen leads the generic electric car search while Nissan LEAF is the most explored specific vehicle

Survey reveals 70 percent of European drivers would consider an electric vehicle as their next car

Nissan conducts its most comprehensive investigation into the driving habits and charging experience of electric car drivers

Survey reveals lockdown has Brits driving ahead on sustainability and the appetite for electric cars is stronger than ever

Auto Trader finds 60 percent of people who don’t currently own an electric vehicle car or alternative fuel vehicle believe they will within five years

Innovate UK’s NetX project, which charges three EVs per installation, announces results from new charging survey

Project aims to provide a cost-effective way of boosting charging capacity

New research finds that the majority of motorists in the UK say they’re likely to buy an electric car in the near future

BuyaCar.co.uk saw a 40 percent increase in searches for electric vehicles across its website compared with the same period in 2020

Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England launches drivers’ survey to improve confidence in the electric car public charging experience

UK Government has issued several proposals to ensure electric car drivers feel more confident in using the public charging network
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AA poll reveals that the future on the roads will be electric as zero-emission car use will continue to grow rapidly

Survey reveals electric cars will outnumber diesel vehicles by 2030

New research shows more than 55 percent of drivers thinking about buying an electric car

AX Electric launched and offers first truly like-for-like replacement vehicle service for electric cars

Survey reveals two-thirds of British drivers aspire to electric car ownership

80 percent of weekly electric car journeys will be catered for by a single charge