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Driving an electric car will save you money

Research by LV=General Insurance (LV=GI) proves electric vehicles (EVs) are more economical, with the Nissan LEAF, MG5 and MINI electric offering the best value

Despite rising energy costs driving an electric vehicle (EV) will still be far cheaper than driving a petrol or diesel vehicle

According to Volkswagen Financial Services UK driving an electric car will cost around a third of its petrol or diesel equivalent per mile

With fuel prices reaching a record high in the UK electric vehicles (EVs) once again prove to be a great option to keep costs...

Owner an electric car makes more sense than ever as fuel prices continue to spiral and don’t look set to fall anytime soon

Driving an electric car saves you money

EEVEE Mobility finds that UK Tesla drivers are only spending £47 per month on charging

Which states in the USA are the cheapest to charge an electric car?

Midwest states offer the most mileage from $100 charging for a Tesla Model 3

What’s the cheapest electric car to charge and drive in the USA?

Report from Zutobi shows that Tesla are the top three most economic electric cars to drive in the USA

Driving a zero-emissions electric car saves money on servicing

US report shows that all-electric vehicles are 40 percent cheaper to maintain per mile than internal combustion engine vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are far cheaper to run than petrol, diesel or hybrid engine cars

ElectricDrives looks at the huge cost savings of driving an electric car compared to an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle