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    General Motors (GM) doubling its Climate Equity Fund to $50 million building on its commitment to equitable climate action

    The US carmaker plans to introduce more than 30 electric vehicle (EV) models globally by 2025

    Positive declarations relating to transport to come out of COP26

    Countries come together to drive towards cleaner zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs)

    Electric car brand Polestar teams up with artist Thijs Bierstaker to bring climate crisis and the renewable energy transition to life

    'We Harvest Wind' exhibition encourages awareness of climate crisis, pollution and the transition to renewable energy through art

    Vauxhall supports all-electric paramotor ‘Round Britain Climate Challenge’ with electric vehicles (EVs)

    Vauxhall provides fully-electric Vivaro-e and the all-new Mokka-e EVs for the record attempt that will be highlighting climate change

    Increased demand for electric cars in 2020 contributed to a 12 percent fall in Europe’s average CO2 emissions

    Demand for zero-emissions electric vehicles (EVs) is higher than ever before

    Volvo Cars to lower CO2 emissions and save billions with its new circular business aims

    By 2025 Volvo Cars aims to more than double its remanufacturing business