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    Electric car sales in the UK see an increase during September as sales of traditional cars fall

    Changing attitudes and a wider choice of electric and plug-in vehicles help this boost

    Plug-in electric car sales double in Ireland

    Nissan Leaf and Telsa Model 3 are the nation’s best-selling electric cars

    Electric cars account for over 60 percent of Norway’s auto sales in September

    VW ID.3 helps to boost Scandinavian country’s electric car sales

    The decline of diesel cars in the UK

    Electric and hybrid cars outsell their dirty counterparts

    Volkswagen’s new ID.4 electric car sells out on launch day in the US

    VW’s new electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) is an instant hit

    Porsche’s Taycan electric car is already their best seller

    New electric car outselling their combustion engine models