Swoopin chooses Volta Zero electric trucks for sustainable logistics in France, Belgium and Italy

Swoopin, the global provider of sustainable transportation and urban logistics services, will trial the all-electric Volta Zero truck in 2021. Swoopin has developed an integrated network of technology-driven urban distribution centres, providing an innovative and convenient delivery service to customers.

Volta’s Zero truck is the world’s first purpose-built fully-electric 16-tonne vehicle for inner-city freight deliveries. It is designed to reduce the environmental impact of deliveries in city centres. The Volta Zero will complement Swoopin’s already extensive existing fleet of electric vans, cars and eBikes. It will support their last-mile distribution hubs and help cities meet ambitious CO2 emissions targets.

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The extensive network also leads to a reduction in delivery mileage which aligns with Volta Trucks’ philosophy of increasing the size of delivery vehicles. This helps to reduce the number of smaller delivery vehicles on the roads and congestion, as well as improving the environment.

This news comes after we recently reported that Volta will also work with the Petit Forestier Group to develop a fleet of zero-emission refrigerated vehicles. The group are working with Volta to develop 1,000 of the zero-emission electric trucks for use in Europe.

Nicolas Spielmann, COO of Swoopin, said: “We have been working to make all our delivery operations green for the past six years. Thanks to Volta Trucks we are now able to apply our strategy to this final segment of our internal strategy. The Volta Zero will feed our 60 urban hubs across France, Belgium, and Italy on a daily basis for our e-commerce activities. We will finally be able to provide efficient and green next-day delivery to nearly anyone in Europe.”

Rob Fowler, CEO of Volta Trucks, continued; “I am delighted to welcome Swoopin, with such strong sustainability credentials, to the trial of the Volta Zero. There are clear parallels between the two companies, which makes the partnership so relevant and symbiotic. Swoopin’s operations will also provide a wide range of feedback to our technical teams as we grow our understanding of the various user cases ahead of the start of production of the final vehicle in 2022.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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