SWARCO Smart Charging unveils electric bus charging hub at crucial Sheffield interchange in the UK

  • SWARCO Smart Charging unveils Electric Bus Charging Hub at Sheffield Interchange
  • Hub features four 100kW CCS chargers, capable of charging eight buses simultaneously
  • Initiative supported by UK government funding, part of South Yorkshire’s move towards zero-emission public transport

SWARCO’s new electric bus charging hub opens sustainable public transport to the North of the UK

SWARCO Smart Charging has unveiled an Electric Bus Charging Hub at Sheffield Interchange. This marks a significant step towards sustainable public transportation in South Yorkshire. The hub will support the region’s first zero-emission buses, set to debut in Sheffield in April.

Funding for the initiative came from the UK Government’s Zero-Emission Regional Bus Areas (ZEBRA) Scheme. The scheme aims to bolster charging infrastructure across the country. The Electric Bus Charging Hub, installed at Sheffield Interchange, is part of this effort.

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The hub features four 100kW CCS chargers. These chargers are capable of powering the BYD-Alexander Dennis Enviro200EV single-deck buses. Moreover, they have dual charging points, allowing simultaneous charging for eight buses.

As South Yorkshire’s main bus station, Sheffield Interchange plays a vital role in the region’s transportation network. It serves local bus providers and National Express coaches. Additionally, it hosts the Sheffield Connect route, which operates free for passengers.

Oliver Coppard, Mayor of South Yorkshire, said:

“We’re delighted to see the very first fully electric buses arrive in South Yorkshire. They are just the first of many that will start operating in the region over the next few weeks, with the support of the Mayoral Combined Authority. Electric vehicles are critical to decarbonising our bus fleet, achieving our net zero ambitions, and improving air quality for South Yorkshire’s residents.” 

SWARCO’s E.Connect system manages the hub’s four 100kW CCS chargers. This system provides detailed usage information, including session dates, times, and durations. It also tracks the total charge delivered to each individual bus.

Lara Navetta, Sales Director at SWARCO Smart Charging, commended the initiative:

“We are delighted to see the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority’s vision come to life and to be supporting the electrification of buses in South Yorkshire.

SYMCA has ambitious plans for South Yorkshire and the switch to electric buses for the Sheffield Connect route is just a start. SYMCA has taken a very smart approach to creating the charging infrastructure; the charging hub will be able to support the future electrification of fleets running through Sheffield Interchange.” 

SYMCA’s plans extend beyond the Sheffield Connect route. They aim to electrify fleets running through Sheffield Interchange. This strategic approach aligns with broader efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote greener transportation options.

The Electric Bus Charging Hub at Sheffield Interchange represents a significant milestone for sustainable transportation in South Yorkshire. Local decarbonisation efforts are taking hold in the UK, with £3.6 million allocated to Oxfordshire’s charging infrastructure alone.

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