Sutton Bespoke creates new a VIP London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) electric taxi

Sutton Bespoke, who are a London-based retailer and restorer of high-end cars, has taken a LEVC black cab and given it a high-end makeover. The aim is to appeal to private hire operators who want something classy for business users at the luxury end of the market.

The new taxi, that has been dubbed the Sutton VIP Class LEVC, is based around the Coventry-built range-extender LEVC TX electric taxi that has been a familiar sight on the roads since 2017. The project came about after Sutton received an encouraging response on social media to an initial one-off project that was bought by a private customer.

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The interior of the Sutton VIP Class LEVC has been fully updated and the cold hard plastic has been replaced with more refreshing wooden veneers, and leather and Alcantara suede-like materials. Sutton has also added soft carpets to replace the old rubber floor mats.

Complementing the new interior is a TV with Apple TV and a Sony PS4 games console to help passengers relax. The driver and passenger areas can also be separated by a retractable screen for added privacy.

The exterior sees less of a change but Sutton has added a silver and black paint scheme to distinguish it from regular taxis. They have also replaced the taxi sign with neat VIP signage. The price of this new luxury electric taxi is £120,000.

Sutton Bespoke

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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