Survey reveals 70 percent of European drivers would consider an electric vehicle as their next car

When asked if they would consider buying an electric vehicle as their next car 70 percent of European drivers say they would. The most popular reason for drivers considering the change is the environmental benefits offered by a zero-emissions vehicle (49 percent of respondents).

Nissan, who became the world’s first mass-market all-electric vehicle to reach its 10th birthday last year, carried out a pan-European survey to deliver one of the most comprehensive investigations into the driving habits and charging experience of electric car drivers to date.

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The survey dispelled many of the myths currently preventing drivers from making the switch. The research demonstrates there are many good reasons to change to an electric vehicle (EV).

In order to understand what motivates or prevents drivers to switch to electric mobility, Nissan surveyed 7,000 motorists across Europe, split evenly between EV and ICE (internal combustion engine) motorists. The pan-European survey is Nissan’s most comprehensive investigation into the driving habits of EV drivers to date.

Initial findings just released uncovered that EV driver satisfaction is promisingly high, with 89 percent of drivers saying the switch to an EV was the right decision.

It found that 74 percent of drivers feel more relaxed and 77 percent find it smoother to drive than an ICE vehicle.

With 97 percent of EV drivers finding the transition from ICE to EV “as expected” or “easier”, it portrays a promising prospect for those willing to embark on their electrification journey.

Furthermore, the majority (70 percent) of motorists admit the range autonomy of their EV is better than expected before purchase. This counteracts the 58 percent of ICE owners who are not considering an EV because they believe they offer a low driving range. This demonstrates the reality that owning an electric vehicle is highly positive.

The prospect of low running costs is tempting 31 percent of ICE drivers who are considering the switch to an EV. Reassuringly, after having made the switch 83 percent of EV drivers admit their EV has lower running costs than expected.

Arnaud Charpentier, region vice president of Product Strategy and Pricing at Nissan, said: “With this new research, we’re seeing first-hand that European drivers are embracing electrification.

“Just as they are continuing to explore what electric vehicles have to offer, we are committed to showing them the vast benefits of electric mobility and how easy actually it is to make the switch. From low running costs to surprising performance, electric cars like the Nissan LEAF have transformed the everyday driving experience for the better”

Despite a contrast emerging among the EV motorists and ICE drivers, the importance of sustainability remains clear across the board, with nearly 85 percent of all drivers surveyed place value on being environmentally friendly.

With many motorists open to taking the first step towards electrified driving, Nissan wanted to spotlight LEAF owners, providing the opportunity for them to share first-hand the many benefits of EV driving. Launching a collection of testimonials, the My Life with a Nissan LEAF video series highlights unique owners’ stories that underscore the electric mobility benefits. In 2020 Nissan Leaf was named the most reliable electric car in the UK.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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