Subaru to launch its first electric car called the Solterra in 2022

Subaru Corporation have announced the name of their first electric car which will be called the Solterra. The new zero-emissions Solterra will be an electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) and is expected to be a similar size to the Subaru Forester.


This will be the first Subaru vehicle built on its dedicated e-Subaru Global Platform. The platform has been jointly developed by Subaru and Toyota and is designed to enable the efficient roll-out of various types of electric vehicles (EVs) by combining multiple modules and components.

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While the new platform is a collaboration, Subaru have aimed to deliver superior passive safety and vehicle stability. This is a characteristic Subaru always aims to be a big feature of its cars and this BEV dedicated platform is no exception.

The partnership aims to bring together the two companies respective strengths. This includes Subaru’s long-accumulated all-wheel-drive technology and Toyota’s outstanding electrification technology.

Toyota will be moving into the all-electric world in a big way in the coming years and plans to have 15 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) by 2025. The Japanese carmaker will also be offering two BEVs in the US market this year.

Subaru created the name Solterra by joining the words ‘sol’ and ‘terra’ which are the Latin words for the sun and the earth. It’s a neat name and great news that Subaru will finally offer an all-electric car.

The new all-electric Solterra is scheduled to go on sale in Canada, China, Europe, Japan and the USA in 2022.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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