Strutt & Parker pioneer electric bike leasing in Oxford, UK, with Arval UK and Bikeflex

  • Strutt & Parker partners with Arval UK and BikeFlex for an electric bike leasing pilot in Oxford.
  • Electric bikes with recycled carbon frames are used for local appointments, promoting efficiency and sustainability.
  • The initiative supports “business bike leasing,” targeting Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone.

Strutt & Parker, a leading UK estate agency, has initiated a pilot program for electric bike leasing in Oxford

This move comes after forging a partnership between Arval UK, known for fleet and vehicle leasing, and BikeFlex, a specialist ebike leasing company.

The ebikes, featuring a recycled carbon frame from Advanced, are now zipping across Oxford for local appointments. 

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George Hughes, Head of Sales at Strutt & Parker in Oxford:

“Oxford is a pioneering city with a vibrant property market, and is one of our flagship offices. My team and I need to travel across the city to meet clients and attend appointments in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. 

By adding electric bikes from BikeFlex to our business’s vehicle choice list, we’re able to test how effective they can be in achieving that aim. Our first electric bike is now being used, and the team’s feedback has been fantastic.”

This innovative initiative aligns with the concept of ‘business bike leasing’. In this case, encouraging estate agents to opt for electric bikes over conventional cars for local meetings. The pilot program aims to tackle parking and congestion challenges that could hamper business efficiency. This particularly resonates with Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone.

These electric bikes boast 100% recyclable carbon composite frames. BikeFlex and Arval UK streamline the leasing process through flexible plans. These offer fully maintained options for enhanced accessibility and convenience within the estate agency sector.

This move by Strutt & Parker marks a significant leap towards boosting sustainability and community responsibility within the estate agency industry. The initiative paints a picture of how ebikes can promote greener futures for multiple industries.

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